Count György Cseszneky de Milvány et Csesznek (Hungarian name order: cseszneki és milványi gróf Cseszneky György) was a Hungarian aristocrat in 16th century. Member of the Cseszneky family.

In 1526 when the disastrous battle with the Turks happened and Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia died in the battlefield, György Cseszneky was the chatelain of the Castles Tata and Komárom (today Komárno, Slovakia) and following the disastrous battle of Mohács, he successfully defended Tata from the invading Ottoman forces. In the struggle for the throne of Hungary between Voivode János Szapolyai and Archduke Ferdinand of Habsburg, György supported Ferdinand's claim, and in 1528 he and Tamás Nádasdy occupied the castle of Győr for Ferdinand of Habsburg. Queen Mary, widow of King Louis II and sister of Ferdinand, appointed him royal court judge of Győr. Later György became a devoted follower of Protestantism and defender of the Lutheran faith. King Ferdinand I awarded him with the right of use of red sealing wax and donated him several estates, among them: Kisbabot, Enese, Rábacsécsény and Utal villages.

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