Note that the County of London (along with the "City" and Middlesex) became part of the new Greater London in 1965 and that its name should therefore not appear in the "county" box for any individual's form because we standardize on current boundaries. See also Greater London/born, married, died.
:Note, for the following tables, that there may be more than one county or district of this name and that some contributors may have entered a different (possibly shorter and/or ambiguous) name when this one was meant. Search for similar names to get a more complete result. Common abbreviations are "Co." and "Cty", but there may have been no word for "county" (or equivalent) included, or such a word may have been wrongly included.

County of London on FamilypediaEdit

Born in County of LondonEdit

Baptised in County of LondonEdit

Married in County of LondonEdit

See also Category:Married in County of London

Grouping is for "first marriage", "second marriage", etc as indicated in column headings

Died in County of LondonEdit

See also Category:Died in County of London

Buried in County of LondonEdit

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