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Origin: Place name Csesznek in Veszprém county, Hungary
Meaning: Slavic word čestnik: royal office-bearer
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The Cseszneky surname, which has been borne by the family for centuries with different spellings, finds its origin in the place name Csesznek in Veszprém county, Hungary. The village and the castle was first mentioned as Cezneyc in the 13th century. The name itself comes from the Slavic word čestnik that means royal office-bearer. In the middle age the forms Cesnek, Cheznek, Chesnek were in use, whilst later it was spelled as Csesznek or Cseszneg.

Alternative spellings and(/or) variantsEdit

De Cheznek, De Chesnek, Chezneky, Cheszneky, Chieszneky, Cesneki, Cesneky, Csesznek, Czeznegi, Cseszneki Cseszneghi, Česnegić.

Titles of nobilityEdit

  • Barons and Counts Cseszneky de Milvány et Csesznek
  • Lords of Kisbabot, Szentkáta and Tejfalu etc.
  • Magnates of the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia
  • Voivodes of Macedonia
  • Wildgraves of Bakony

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