Early Butte Valley Pioneer - Siskiyou Co, California

Vital Statistics Edit

Biography Edit

In 1862 his brother Presley Dorris settled the ‘D’ Ranch approximately 2 miles east of the present town of Dorris. The original ranch house has been preserved and is still there.

The town of Dorris was established as a result of the railroad coming through this part of the valley. Dorris was named for Presley Dorris of the D ranch. Dorris was incorporated in 1908. Several buildings were moved four miles from Picard to the Dorris townsite.

Other family members also settled in this area - including his mother and brother Cyrus, Lethe, Columbus and Carlos.

References Edit

Cyrus Grundy Dorris was born 04 Jan 1891, in Fulton county, Ill. and died 17 Oct 1903 Alturas, Modoc County, Cal. He served in the Mexican War. Raised 11 children Letha Parlee, Vernile Thomas, Edger Anthony, Roland Dudley, Ester, Green Ward, Ira Gordon, Wallace Leland, Elise L., Minta Francis, and Wylie.

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