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Daniel Messerli
Sex: Male
Birth: 05 December 1686 Thurnen, Bern
Father: unknown [1]
Spouse/Partner: Elsbeth Wieland (1692)

Daniel Messerli

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Documentation notesEdit

  • Elsbeth Wieland born 1692 Thurnen, Bern, death 22 DEC 1762 record confirms daniel as husband

  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is and may be verified there by running searches on the given names and dates.
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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Daniel Messerli (1686) and Elsbeth Wieland
Daniel Messerli (1712) 01 Dec 1712 Thurnen, Bern
Anna Messerli (1715) 03 Mar 1715 Thurnen
Benedikt Messerli (1715) 25 Jun 1730 Thurnen
Christian Messerli 06 Feb 1718 Thurnen
Christian Messerli (1719) 30 Apr 1719 Thurnen
Hans Messerli (1721) 19 Oct 1721 Thurnen
Johanna Messerli (1724) 10 Apr 1724 Thurnen
David Messerli 24 Oct 1726 Thurnen
Melchoir Messerli (1730) 25 Jun 1730 Thurnen
Abraham Messerli (1734) 01 Aug 1734 Thurnen
Elsbeth Messerli (1737) 02 May 1737 Thurnen

Parent searchEdit

  • Christening record [1] for 24 October 1686 in Rueggisberg, Bern, Switzerland, for Daniel Messerli. Parents Hans Messerli (????) and Anna Wyder (????) Looks promising- Daniel names a son Hans and daughter Anna.
    • Hans Rudolf Messerli (11 Mar 1660) Thurnen.
    • Hans Messerli (04 OCT 1663) Thurnen
    • Hans Messerli (30 OCT 1664) Thurnen
      • Father:Ulrich Messerli, mother Anna Hoffmann Messerli
    • Hans Messerli (about 1664) Wattenswil, , Bern, Switzerland
      • Marries Elsbeth Grunig, 13 SEP 1689
    • Hans Messerli (27 NOV 1670) Thurnen (He would be only 16)
    • Hans Messerli (19 Feb 1654) Thurnen (He would be 32) Father Benedikt (BENDICHT) (married to Elsbeth Zuter (ELSI ZUTHER)
      • Siblings: Melchoir*, Benedikt, Elsbeth*, Ester, Christian*, Peter, Rudolf, Anna*, Ulrich (*'d- names of Daniel children)

Sibling searchEdit

Search messerli no first name. Scan all hits in Thurnen, births near 1686.
  • Burkhart Messerli About 1680 (no parents given) spouse Elsbeth Oth
  • Christian Messerli APR 1701 (parents not given) spouse Margaretha Hilabrand
  • Hans Messerli 30 DEC 1677 (father Hans, Barbli)
  • Elsbeth Messerli born 1688 death 29 JUN 1763 married Christian Jordi 12 NOV 1728
  • Christian 19 NOV 1702 (parents Christian Messerli Barbara Wenger )


  1. ^ see discussion in section Parentage

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