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Daniel was sentenced to transportation for life in the Limerick Court on 10 Mar 1826. His crime was 'Going through the Villages in Spring last ...........and swearing the people to a test or oath of a horrid description " Some how this was commuted to 14 years as that is what is on his indent.He is described as 5' 8" tall,with dark sallow complexion, sandy hair and hazel eyes.He left behind a wife and 7 children.He came out on the "Boyne" which arrived in Sydney 28 Oct 1826.On arrival he was assigned to William Byrne a general dealer at Airds. Byrnes may well have been a relation and when Daniel petitioned 23 June 1832 to have his family come out, Byrnes was happy to provide a reference for him.
There is some difficulty working just what were the names of his children. On the petition he names them as -Mary,Patrick,Edmund, Margaret, John, Ellen and Johanna. From other records it seems that Patrick, Edward, James and Johanna arrived. His wife was Johanna King and she arrived with Johanna on the "Andromeda" in 1834. Their sons Patrick, James and Edward arrived as free men on the convict ship"Blenheim"14 Nov 1834. Another daughter Margaret was born here in 1837.
Daniel was granted a Ticket of Leave 1 July 1833. Originally it was for the Airds District but it was changed to the Bathurst District where his brother John had a property. His Certificate of Freedom was granted 15 Sep. 1840. Daniel died in 1840 and was buried 22 Sept.This meant that he was buried a free man as his 14 years were up. His wife, Johanna remarried in 1845 to Edward Shean. The family probably lived on John's property at Milburn Creek.

Date:Abt 1790
Location:at Askeaton, Limerick, Munster, Ireland

Date:22 Sep 1840

Date:21 Sep 1840
Location:at Milburn Creek

partner: Johanna King (Abt 1793-1853)
Marriage: :
Location:at Askeaton, Limerick, Munster, Ireland




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