Undertaker - Cleveland Ohio

Vital StatisticsEdit

  • Son of Ebenezer Duty (1782-1852) and Sarah Warren (1784-1818)
  • 1806 - Birth year in Acworth, NH.
  • 1840 - marriage to Emmeline Mason ?
  • 1860 US Census - living with wife Mary (b1812) with brother Andrew Duty (Age 47) 2 children (Mary (age 24) and Jennie) and one domestic (Julia Hall - age 35) in Cleveland 4th Ward, Cayuhoga Co, Ohio - ocp : Undertaker
  • 1880 US Census - living with wife Mary (b1812 in NY) and daughter Jennie (a teacher) and one domestic servant (Emma Case) in Cleveland, Cayuhoga Co, Ohio, - ocp. Undertaker

Children of Daniel and Mary DutyEdit

  1. Mary Duty (b 1836) - 1860 US Census - age 24.
  2. Jennie Duty (b1845) - Teacher - unmarried, age 35 on 1880 US Census

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