Be careful not to confuse this Daniel with his cousin that married Abigail Drury and moved to Dublin, New Hampshire.

Vital Statistics Edit

Son of Moses Warren (1728-1765) and  Persis Rice (1728-1814)

1751-Nov-12: Birth at Westborough, Worcester Co, Massachusetts Province (See Vital Records of Westborough - pg 103 - listing for Daniel Warrin)

1796-Oct-09: Death at Westborough, Worcester Co, Massachusetts, USA - (Vital Records of Westborough - pg 255) -

Research Notes: Edit

Genealogists get this Daniel confused with another Daniel Warren, born at Westborough (1752-Jun-17) he is the son of Daniel and Mary Warren. He is the one that fought at Bunker Hill and has a large posterity. (See Vital Records of Westborough - pg 101.) It also looks like he moved to New Hampshire and had quite a posterity. 

There is also a bit of confusion over Abigail Drury - married to Charles Adams at about the same time in Shrewsbury.

- Marriage of "Daniel Warrin, Jr to Abigail Drury of Shrewsbury" - 18-May-1775 at Westborough - See Vital Records of Westborough - pg 215.  But which Daniel Warren and which Abigail Drury?

This other Daniel Warren (1752-Jun-17) is the Grandson of Joshua Warren and great grandson to Daniel Warren 1628A and Mary Barron.

Records for Abigail Drury

  • Abigail Drury - b. Feb 8, 1743 to Daniel and Sarah Drury - Vital Records of Shrewsbury, MA (Pg 36)

She was the daughter of Daniel Drury and Sarah Flagg. Marriage banns for Abigail Drury and Charles Adams Jr were published on 16 December 1763 at Shrewsbury, MA; Charles of Worcester. Abigail Drury married Charles Jr, son of Charles Adams and Priscilla (?), on 8 February 1764 at Shrewsbury, MA; listed as Charles of Worcester and Abigail of Shrewsbury. Abigail Drury died on 6 October 1796 at Worcester, MA; aged 52y, under the name Adams.

Biography Edit

References Edit

Warenne Family Ancestry

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