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Order of Charlemagne: 14

Similarity to Charlemagne: 0.0006

Generational discrepancy: 4.9152 Order of Rurik: 10

→ (Daniel of Galicia (1201-1264), 1)

→ (Lev I of Galicia (c1228-c1301), 2)→→ (Yuri I of Galicia (c1255-1308), 3)→→ (Andrei of Galicia (c1290-1323), 4)→→ (Lev II of Galicia (c1291-1323), 4)→→ (Maria of Galicia (c1292-1341), 4)→→ (Euphemia of Masovia (1310-aft1373), 5)→→ (Boleslaw-Yuri II of Galicia (1308-1340), 5)→→ (Siemowit III of Masovia (bef1314-1381), 5)→→ (Anastasia of Galicia (c1293-c1340), 4)→→ (Margaret of Masovia (bef1358-1392), 6)→→ (Siemowit IV of Mazovia (c1353-1426), 6)→→→→→ (Mikhail Aleksandrovich of Tver (1333-1399), 5)→→ (Maria of Tver (c1326-1399), 5)→→ (Uliana of Tver (c1325-1392), 5)→→ (Wladyslaw II Jagiellon (c1362-1434), 6)→→→ (Fyodor Mikhailovich of Mikulin (c1370-1409), 6)→→→ (Alexandra of Lithuania (c1368-1434), 6)→→ (Przemysław I Noszak of Cieszyn (c1334-1410), 6)→→→

→ (Pereyaslava of Galicia (c1231-1283), 2)→→ (Konrad II of Masovia (c1249-1294), 3)→→ (Boleslaus II of Masovia (c1251-1313), 3)→→ (Anna of Masovia (1270-c1324), 4)→→ (Anna of Racibórz (c1295-1340), 5)→→ (Trojden I of Masovia (c1285-1341), 4)→→ (Wenceslaus of Płock (c1293-1336), 4)→→ (Euphrosyne of Masovia (c1292-c1328), 4)→→ (Euphemia of Masovia (1310-aft1373), 5)→→ (Boleslaw-Yuri II of Galicia (1308-1340), 5)→→ (Siemowit III of Masovia (bef1314-1381), 5)→→ (Margaret of Masovia (bef1358-1392), 6)→→ (Siemowit IV of Mazovia (c1353-1426), 6)→→→→→ (Anna of Płock (1324-1363), 5)→→ (Henry VIII of Zagan (c1357-1397), 6)→→ (Jan I of Oświęcim (c1309-1372), 5)→→ (Euphemia of Troppau (c1320-1352), 6)→→→→→ (Anna of Oświęcim (c1340-1378), 6)→→→ (Przemysław I Noszak of Cieszyn (c1334-1410), 6)→→

→ (Ustynia of Galicia (c1232-c1279), 2)→→ (Vasily Andreyevich of Suzdal (c1247-bef1309), 3)→→ (Konstantin of Suzdal (c1300-1355), 4)→→ (Dmitri of Suzdal (1322-1383), 5)→→ (Evdokia Dmitriyevna (c1350-1407), 6)→→

→ (Sophie von Halytsch (c1244-1290), 2)→→ (Heinrich VII. von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (c1267-1324), 3)→→ (Heinrich X. von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (c1298-1336), 4)→→ (Günther XXV. von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (c1331-1368), 5)→→ (Günther XXX. von Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (1352-1416), 6)→→→ (Günther XXI. von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (1304-1349), 4)→→ (Jutta von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (c1328-1361), 5)→→ (Jutta von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (c1262-aft1329), 3)→→ (Heinrich II. Reuß von Plauen (bef1289-1350), 4)→→ (Heinrich IV. Reuß von Plauen (c1333-bef1368), 5)→→ (Heinrich VIII. Reuß von Plauen (c1368-1426), 6)→→→ (Elisabeth von Mansfeld (c1340-aft1398), 6)→→


Daniel of Galicia (1201-1264)/sensorDaniel of Galicia (1201-1264)/tree

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