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David Alexander Piatt (1870-1939) Weaver at Blanket Mill (b. December 11, 1870, Westbrookville, Mamakating Township, Sullivan County, New York, 12785, USA - d. June 17, 1939, Westbrookville, Mamakating Township, Sullivan County, New York, 12785, USA)


Full siblingsEdit

His siblings include:

  • John F. Piatt (1860-?) who married Marietta Clark
  • Mary A. Piatt (1861-?)
  • Silas M. Piatt (1862-?)
  • William H. Piatt (1864-?)

Half siblingsEdit

William Lewis Piatt later married Phoebe Hubbard (1853-1910) and had the following children, which were David's half siblings:


David Alexander Piatt married Mary Estella Culver (1873-1913) on November 20, 1893 and they had the following children:


In 1913 Mary died and in 1920 now a widower, David was living on Mountain Road in Westbrookville with his son Lloyd.


David died in 1939 and is buried in Westbrookville Cemetery.

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