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David Lewis
Sex: Male
Birth: Mar 21, 1747 Berkeley County, West Virginia
Death: June 23, 1822, Anderson County, South Carolina
Father: John Lewis (c1720-1802)
Mother: Priscilla Brooks
Spouse/Partner: Ann Beeson
Marriage: Jan 1, 1768
2nd Spouse: Penelope


Name Birth Death
Children of David Lewis and Ann Beeson

Isaiah September 3, 1769

Priscilla September 4, 1770

Jacob January 14, 1772

Joab December 23, 1773

Abner September 22, 1775

Neriah June 23, 1778

Benjamin May 26, 1781

Elizabeth Ann September 21, 1783

Cozbi July 17, 1785

Tarleton August 11, 1787

Hannah Oct 2, 1789

Name Birth Death
Children of David Lewis and Penelope

David January 24, 1814

Rosannah October 26, 1815


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