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Genealogical KeynotesEdit


  • Born: June 16, 1805
  • Birth Place: Londonderry, Windham County, Vermont
  • Married: January 18 1831
  • Died: 1880+
  • Burial Place:


David is the son of James Rogers III (1764-1841) and Mary Ann Allen (1775-1852)


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Family HistoryEdit

David had a gun that belonged to Ethan Allen and stated that Ethan was his mother, Mary Ann Allen's father or David's Grandfather. David's son James Harrison Rogers donated the gun to the local historical museum in River Falls, Wisconsin some time before he died in 1924. David's other grandfather Col James Rogers of the famous Rogers Rangers was a co-conspirator along with Ethan Allen in the Vermont Negotiations and it would not be uncommon for a widow like Fanny Allen to write off step children as deceased to prevent them from inheriting any of their family property. Mary Ann did not care what Fanny did, she had no need for any of Ethan’s land Her husband had just as much if not more land himself. Also searching records there are no other Mary Ann Allen’s born in Mass in 1775 other than Ethan’s daughter.

From page 97 of Marriage Notices of Ontario, By: William D Reid 1980 :Cobourg Star: ibid (18 January 1831) This morning D. (David) Rogers married Eliza Hinman 2nd daughter of Moses (Hinman Jr) Rev. A. N. Bethume

Had 17 children

Moved to Forest Twp, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin in 1853.

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William Gorman (3rd Great Grandson)

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