Davidson - McComb Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA


  • location: On road S-33-36 from Troy toward Covered Bridge. Turn left at Young Home place. Go through front yard and down the old road approximately 200 yards past old house on left of this road. Cemetery is located on right in grove of small oak trees.

Grave ListEdit

Line IEdit

Grave 1 - (stone fallen and laying flat), Eternity Long, Life Short, In Memory of Thomas McComb, Ag'd 13 years, Also his two Sister Babes, Jan. 21, 1795

Grave 2 - (small stone hand carved), S. 18-- 1786

Grave 3 - small stone, no mark

Grave 4 - small stone, marking obliterated

Grave 5 - John Davidson, Ag'd 26 years, July 5, 1796

Line IIEdit

Grave 1 - 2 - unmarked


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