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de Almeida
Origin: from the village of Almeida, in Portugal
Meaning: Al + Majd, "glorious"
Variant(s): Almeida
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From the arabic "Al" (the) + "Majd" (glory). Thus "Al Majida" meaning "Glorious". The progression from arabic to portuguese is said to be "Al majída" -> "Almajída" -> "Almaída" -> "Almaida" -> "Almeida"

Designated a person who had originally lived in one of several villages in Portugal called Almeida. The place name is from Arabic al ma'ida, "the plateau" or "the low hill".


First attributed to João Fernandes de Almeida (c 1205 - 1258), a knight, son of Fernão Martins (aka Fernão Canelas), who founded the village of Almeida (later known as Almeidinha) between 1223 and 1245. The last name was thereon carried by his children.

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