Vital StatisticsEdit


Note that Dexter's younger brother will also marry Zilpah's younger sister and also pursue a vocation in the ministry.

Zilpah and her sister Betsey were children of Barnabas Maynard (1747-1828) and Mary White (d 1814) who also resided in Berlin, MA.

This is further evidence by the use of names Maynard and White as middle names for several of their children.

Reference: - See marriage listings in Berlin MA for Fay Family Children, Cousins, etc.

Children of Dexter Fay and Zilpah Maynard Edit

  1. Mary Fay - b 1804
  2. Rev Barnabus Maynard Fay (1806-1885)
  3. Lucy Warren Fay (b 1810)
  4. Harriet Newall Fay (b 1813)
  5. Sarah Fay (b 1815)
  6. Dexter Warren Fay (1817-1843) - at age 26 years, 3 months, 26 days
  7. Nahum White Fay (1820-1895)
  8. James Richard Fay (b 1823)
  9. Zilpah Elizabeth Fay (b 1825)


Zilpah (or Zilpha) M Fay is listed in several census records - Birthdate of 1784 and Residence in Berlin, Worcester Co, Mass.

1850 US Census

1855 Massachusetts State Census

1860 US Census

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