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Date:c 1589
Location:at Wherwell, Hampshire, England

Date:bef 1680
Location:at Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States

Husband: John Wing (1584-1630)
Marriage: :
Location:at England

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Notes: The following information was taken from the book "SCHWARZRAUBER, STEWARTAND RELATED FAMILIES ." by Sayre Archie Schwartrauber. The references given in that book for information are; Austin, John D. MAYFLOWER FAMILIES THROUGH FIVE GENERATIONS,Vol.VI. Stephen Hopkins. Pymouth , Mass.: General Scoiety of MAYFLOWER Descendants, 1992. Lovell, R.A., Jr. SANDWICH, A CAPE CO DTOWN. N.E.H.G.R Vol. XVIII, pp. 266-7. Numerous references. O.W.L Magazine. Journal of the Wing Family of America, Inc.,Sandwich,Mass. Pope, Charles Henry. PIONEERS OF MASSACHUSETTS. Torrey, Clarence Almon. NEW ENGLAND MARRIAGES PRIOR TO 1700. Wing, Rev. Conway P. DD. A HISTORY AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER OFJOHNWINGOF SANDWICH. MA 1662 -1881.

Sandwich, Mass was settled in 1637, and incorporated in 1639,the Wings among the first there. Although her name does not appear on the list offounding fathers of Sandwich, it having been a man's world, she was and is still considered the "Matriarch of Sandwich". During her years, she was known as "Olde Goody Wing". John and Deborah Bachiler Wing had at least four sons.

Deborah Bachiler was born about 1592 probably in Wherwell, Hampshire, England; died Jan. 31, 1691/92 at Brewster, Mass. She married John Wing about 1610 probably in Holland.

It can be deduced that Deborah was probably the eldest daughter (of three daughters) of Stephen Bachiler. She was widowed in her thirties. Shortly after the death of her husband, John Wing , she emigrated from England to New England with her father, Stephen Bachiler, in 1632. One account states that she emigrated with her four sons and that one of them later returned to England. Another account states that only three ofher sons accompanied her to America and that one remained behind. She remained in Lynn, Mass where her father was pastor until 1637. That year was the year he removed to mid-Cape Cod (Yarmouth). She removed with her sons to upper, or western Cape Cod and there she became a founder of Sandwich. In Sandwich history, she is referred to as "the Matriarch". Her husband, John Wing, had lived in Sandwich, England; a connection , if any, is not known. In 1657, then about 65, she moved again, with her son John Wing Jr., to Brewster.

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