Deborah Sue Grissom (October 9, 1955 - February 27, 2001) of Franklin County, North Carolina was the daughter of Iris Vernon Grissom (1935-2004) and his first wife, Mary Etta Tharrington. Her brother is American pop singer Clay Aiken (1978).

Grissom was the wife of George Edward Pearce (1950) and the mother of Jeffrey Wayne Pearce and Ronald Casey Pearce. She is buried in Woodland Baptist Church Cemetery, Granville County, North Carolina.

Source:, North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000, (Provo, UT:, Inc., 2005), Name: Deborah Sue Grissom - Date of Birth: 9 Oct 1955, Race: White, Birth County: Franklin, Parent1 Name: Iris Vernon Grissom, Parent2 Name: Mary Etta Tharrington, Roll No. B_C039_66001, Vol. 43, p. 291.

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