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December 1 in recent years
2009 (Tuesday)
2008 (Monday)
2007 (Saturday)
2006 (Friday)
2005 (Thursday)
2004 (Wednesday)
2003 (Monday)
2002 (Sunday)
2001 (Saturday)
2000 (Friday)

December 1 is the 335th day of the year (336th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 30 days remaining until the end of the year.




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68 Familypedia people were born on December 1

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
John Abell (1678-1751)Caleb Abell (1646-1731)Margaret Post (1653-1700)
George Underwood Alley (1912-1943)George Underwood Alley (1868-1959)Mary Ann Temple (1887-1922)
Maria von Anhalt-Zerbst (1538-1563)Johann IV. von Anhalt-Dessau (1504-1551)Margaretha von Brandenburg (1511-1577)
William Loudon Bell (1882-1962)John Robson Bell (c1851-1924)Jean(nie) Hood Cochrane (1851-1935)
Joannes Dirksz Bergman (1759-1820)Dirk Japikse Borgman (1725-1796)Aeltie Kemme (c1725-)
Daniel Bigelow (1650-1715)John Bigelow (1617-1703)Mary Warren (1624-1691)
Henry Botting (1734)William Botting (1711)Jane Mills (bef1727)
Sarah Bridge (1849-c1908)Joseph Bridge (1814-1891)Sarah Woodbury (1819-1904)
John Bunch (1812-1892)Nathaniel Bunch (1793-1859)Sarah Wade Ray (c1793-)
Maria Charlotta Byström (1857-?)Anders Garp (1814-?)Christina Gustava Lisa Widegren (1820-1880)
Louis VI of France (1081-1137)Philip I of France (1052-1108)Bertha van Holland (c1058-1094)
Mercy Cause (1852-1912)George Hudson Cause (c1803-c1868)Mary Ann Gozzett (c1817-1863)
Charlotte Chaseling (1811-1873)Thomas Chaseling (c1772-1847)Margaret McMahon (c1777-1815)
Jeremiah Clark (1605-1651)William Clark (1549-1630)Mary Weston (1584-1650)
Walter Clarke (1639-1714)Jeremiah Clark (1605-1651)Frances Latham (1609-1677)
... further results

98 Familypedia people died on December 1

 FatherMotherAge at death
John Allen (1631-1711)Walter Allen (1601-1681)Rebecca Ward (1601-1678)80
Alfred Thompson Archer (1874-1940)Robert Archer (1848-1929)Caroline Cramp (1849-1929)66
Alexander Badlam (1809-1894)Ezra Badlam (1773-1842)Mary Lovis (1774-)86
William Baker (1814-1898)William Baker (1788-1863)Lydia Standing (c1788-1853)84
Henry I of England (1068-1135)William I of England (1027-1087)Matilda of Flanders (c1031-1083)67
Willem Besseling (1733-1789)Gerardus Besseling (1694-c1756)Anna Kraemets (c1700-1759)56
Jabez Bigelow (1726-1808)Gershom Bigelow (1701-1789)Rachel Gale (1702-1800)82
Daniel Howard Bindley (1809-1890)81
Magnus IV of Sweden (1316-1374)Erik of Sweden (1282-1318)Ingeborg of Norway (1301-1361)58
Selby Blackman (1885-1977)Samuel Blackman (1852-1917)Margaret Robertson (1856-1913)92
Sarah Ann Bowden (1807-1879)Samuel Bowden (1771)Mary Croton (1774)72
Jan Brakeboer (c1760-)Jacob Brakeboer
Jonas Brigham (1748-1826)Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)Persis Baker (1726-1784)78
Phillip Henry Brown (1875-1916)Walter Brown (1821-1897)Sigismunda Broun (1837-1903)41
Jacob Burdg (1783-1862)Jacob Burdg (1743-c1797)Judith Smith (1751-1836)79
... further results

68 Familypedia people were first married on December 1

 FatherMotherJoined with
Thomas Goldsborough Alford (1873-1940)Stephen Goldsborough Alford (-c1893)Clarissa Jane Hilliar (-c1883)Jessie Ada Eleanor Mylecharane (1878-1945)+Amy Henrietta Rathmell (c1873-c1949)
Jaime II of Aragon (1267-1327)Pedro III de Aragón (1240-1285)Constance of Sicily (1249-1302)Isabel of Castile (1283-1328) + Blanche of Anjou (1280-1310) + Marie de Lusignan (1273-1322) + Elisenda de Montcada (?-1364) + Gerolda + Lucrecia
Earl Willard Avery (1823-1867)Simeon Shipman Avery (1784-1873)Polly Clark (1789-1846)Cordelia Thankful Wiles (1828-1879)
Grace Anna Barber (1863-1939)William Barber (1816-1913)Amelia Graves (1817-1867)James Buchanan Woolsey (1856-1938)
Elske Bennekinck (c1669-1719)Derck Bennekinck (c1626-?)Temmele Benninck (c1638-?)Geert Meerdink (c1650-1719)
Heiken Bennekinck (c1597-?)Unknown Bennekinck (c1565-?)Willem Dulmes (c1592-?)
James Blackman (1759-1842)James Blackman (1733-aft1759)Jane Hearn (bef1739-aft1759)Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842)
Frederick Lynch Blunt (1848-1898)Frederick Ingram Clarridge Blunt (c1818-1898)Esther Lynch (c1820-1905)Mary Richey (1850-1940)
Alice Bosworth (1605-1668)Joseph Bosworth (1574-?)Richard Hutchinson (1602-1682)
Jan Bouwers (c1643-?)Wessel Bouwers (c1621-1687)Hinnecken Peerdecamp (c1617-?)Trijntje Huijnink (c1647-?)
William Bowden (1796-1882)William Bowden (1774-1833)Elizabeth Young (1775-1841)Elizabeth Godfrey (1798-1838)
William Boyton (1809-1874)John M Boyton (1782-1866)Ann Miller (1783-1850)Emma Wombwell (1812-1845)+Emma Abrahams (1825-1888)
Theresa Lillian Bridge (1893-1969)John Bridge (1853-1939)Susan Clifford (1859-1939)Alfred Roland Robinson (1870-1942)
Dirk Broersen (?-?)NN Broersen (?-?)Aaf Pieters (?-1714)Anna
Dinah E. Brown (1839-)Robert Brown (1807-aft1880)Sarah England (1814-1895)Joseph Riley (1835-)
... further results

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