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December 11 is the 345th day of the year (346th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 20 days remaining until the end of the year.




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66 Familypedia people were born on December 11

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Samuel Newton Adair (1839-1924)Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848)
John Adams (1630-1703)John Adams (1595-1633)Eleanor Newton (1598-1681)
Frank Stuart Leworthy Anstey (1869-1911)George Anstey (c1838-1869)Laura Leworthy (c1837-1927)
Arthur James Arnall (1878-1968)Thomas Arnall (1843-1913)Mary Ann Baker (1851-1881)
Ezra Badlam (1773-1842)Ezra Badlam (1743-1778)Patience Capen (1747-1832)
Charles Fuller Barnard (1859-1905)George Barnard (1833-1896)Jane Sophia Fuller (1835-1924)
Jonathan Bigelow (1646-1711)John Bigelow (1617-1703)Mary Warren (1624-1691)
Thomas Bingham (1667-1720)Thomas Bingham (1642-1729)Mary Rudd (1649-1726)
Isaac Botting (1814)Benjamin Botting (1780)Grace Nibley (bef1803)
William Bowman (1799-1874)John Bowman (1763-1825)Honor Honey (c1759-1826)
Mary Buell (1695-1774)John Buell (1671-1746)Mary Loomis (1672-1768)
Maud Lilley Burgess (1875-1962)George Burgess (1829-1905)Eliza Knight (1844-1878)
Joseph Fabyan Carter (1798-1873)Ezra Carter (1773-1868)Sarah Fabyan (1775-1845)
Drew Michael Chansky (2001)Mark Richard Chansky (1968)Angela Renae Bookout (1970)
John Thomas Chapman (1853-1933)William George Chapman (1814-1883)Elizabeth Dark (c1821-1905)
... further results

88 Familypedia people died on December 11

 FatherMotherAge at death
Andrew Robert Coghill Arbuthnot (1926-2010)Robert (Robby) Wemyss Muir Arbuthnot (1889-1962)Mary (Molly) Coghill (-1986)84
Desire Arnold (1665-1715)Seth Arnold (1648-1720)Elizabeth Gray (1658-1721)50
Patrick Berrell (1818-1901)Michael Berrell (1796-1863)Margaret Catherine Hoy (1781-1881)83
William Henry Bowden (1862-1901)George Bowden (1837-1929)Maria Fountain (1841-1932)39
William Bowman (1799-1874)John Bowman (1763-1825)Honor Honey (c1759-1826)75
Richard Henry Boyle, 6th Earl of Shannon (1860-1906)Henry Bentinck Boyle, 5th Earl of Shannon (1833-1890)Blanche Emma Lascelles (1837-1863)46
Joseph Bridge (1840-1916)Benjamin Bridge (1816-1875)Susannah Ann Craft (1820-1910)76
George Burgess (1829-1905)John Burgess (c1789-1844)Jane Willis (c1788-1860)76
Louis de Bourbon (1621-1686)Henry II de Bourbon (1588-1646)Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency25
Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck (1819-1877)William Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck (1780-1826)Anne Wellesley (c1788-1875)58
Henry Clifford, 5th Earl of Cumberland (1591-1643)Francis Clifford, 4th Earl of Cumberland (1559-1641)Grisel Hughes (-1613)52
William James Coulter (1845-1916)Alexander Coulter (c1824-1878)Jane Dowds (c1814-1864)71
Marion Eveline Maie Cramp (1882-1925)Albert William Cramp (1856-1933)Philadelphia Willett (c1857-1943)43
Catherine Crombie (1813-1932)John (James) Crombie (?-1858)Catherine Harvey (?-1864)119
Johann II. von Rietberg (aft1523-1562)Otto III. von Rietberg (c1480-1535)Onna von Esens (?-aft1559)39
... further results

66 Familypedia people were first married on December 11

 FatherMotherJoined with
Stephen Joseph Abbott (1804-1843)James Abbott (1753-1830)Phoebe Howe (1763-1842)Abigail Smith (1806-1889)
Ellen Amos (1851-1942)William Amos (1812-1895)Elizabeth Blanch (1821-1910)Frederick Hammond Everingham (1851-1929)
Mary Ansell (c1629-1713)John Ansell (1600-1628)Mary Nye (-)Joseph Lathrop (1624-1702)
Friederike Henriette von Anhalt-Bernburg (1702-1723)Karl Friedrich von Anhalt-Bernburg (1668-1721)Sofie Albertine von Solms-Sonnenwalde (1672-1708)Leopold von Anhalt-Köthen (1694-1728)
Leopold von Anhalt-Köthen (1694-1728)Emanuel Lebrecht von Anhalt-Köthen (1671-1704)Gisela Agnes von Rath (1669-1740)Friederike Henriette von Anhalt-Bernburg (1702-1723)+Charlotte Friederike von Nassau-Siegen (1702-1785)
Edward George Bellamy (1887-1979)Zadock Bellamy (1843-1908)Miriam Sarah Moore (1846-1931)Enid Rachel Smith (1891-1972)
Sarah Bond (1690-1777)Jonas Bond (1664-1727)Grace Coolidge (1663-1699)William Brown (1684-1756)
Jansje Bongaardt (1815-1902)Jacobus BongaardtKaatje Bogaart (c1777-1863)Gerrit Groeneveld (1817-1881)
Elizabeth Bourne (1618-1663)Thomas Bourne (1582-1664)Elizabeth Rouse (1590-1660)Robert Waterman (1613-1652) + Thomas Tilden (1619-1705)
Mary Ann Australia Bridge (1869-1963)John Thomas Bridge (1845-1887)Sarah Sadler (1845-1917)Charles Henry Nowland (1873-1961)
Dorothy Burnap (1737-1781)Jonathan Burnap (1711-1785)Dorothy Kimball (1716-1740)Phineas Howe (1739-1832)
María Cristina delle Duo Sicilie (1806-1878)Francesco I delle Duo Sicilie (1777-1830)Maria Isabel de España (1789-1848)Fernando VII de España (1784-1833) + Agustin Fernando Muñoz (1808-1873)
Thomas Charles Roland Carter (1865-1949)Richard Carter (1835-1914)Charlotte Rose (1833-1886)Mary Ann Frances Johnson (-1919)
Alfred Sydney Corben (c1868-c1940)Andrew Corben (1828-1889)Mary Stickland (1828-1910)Jessie Wallace Mowbray (c1865-1948)
James Thomas Cornwell (1860-1927)Thomas Cornwell (1829-1893)Susannah Bradford (1835-1866)Clara Groves (1863-1938)
... further results

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