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December 19 in recent years
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December 19 is the 353rd day of the year (354th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 12 days remaining until the end of the year.




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67 Familypedia people were born on December 19

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Rachel Abbott (1835-1911)Jonathan Abbott (c1800-c1848)Ada Wright (1799-1882)
Farroll Jasper "Preacher" Alford (1916-2001)Samuel Nathaniel Alford (1885-1961)Hattie Jane Magee (1890-1973)
Gerald Archibald Arbuthnot (1872-1916)William Arbuthnot (1838-1893)Selina Moncreiffe (1851-1877)
Martha Barlow (1853-1920)Charles Barlow (1813-1901)Amelia Sherringham (1820-1896)
Joseph Henry Barsden (1873-1943)Joseph Henry Barsden (1851-1901)Kerrenhappuch Shield (1854-1895)
Charles Peter Behre (1872-1926)George Ludwig Frederick Behre (1844-1911)Regina Tillman ( -aft1872)
Jabez Bigelow (1736-1822)Eleazer Bigelow (1705-1762)Mary Fiske (1702-1777)
Bertrude Leopold Blyton (1889-1917)Henry Blyton (1851-1932)Eliza Glanville (1861-1939)
Abraham Elbert Bogart (1819-1902)Abraham Bogart (1790-1827)Ann Luyster (1792-1867)
Guurtje Breed (1848-1892)Arie Breed (1820-1864)Eefje Brakeboer (c1820-?)
Mary Brown (1761-1844)
Sophia Budd (1826-1913)Thomas Budds (1788-1833)Hozapha Besquante Wood (c1797-1868)
Marie of Orléans (1457-1493)Charles of Orléans (1394-1465)Maria von Kleve (1426-1487)
Maria Antonietta delle Duo Sicilie (1814-1898)Francesco I delle Duo Sicilie (1777-1830)Maria Isabel de España (1789-1848)
Philip V of Spain (1683-1746)Louis of France (1661-1711)Maria Anna von Bayern (1660-1690)
... further results

75 Familypedia people died on December 19

 FatherMotherAge at death
Ernest Underwood Alley (1847-1935)George Underwood Alley (1801-1879)Catherine Amelia Dods-Smith (1812-1890)88
Isaac Appleton (1704-1794)Isaac Appleton (1664-1747)Priscilla Baker (1674-1731)90
Adelaide di Susa (c1017-1091)Olderico Manfredi II di Torino (992-1034)Berte d'Este (-1029)74
Hannah Bartlett (1805-)Asahel Bartlett (1763-1831)Hannah Fuller (1782-1832)58
John Bigelow (1817-1911)Asa Bigelow (1779-1850)Lucy Isham (1780-1853)94
Arie Breed (1820-1864)Jan Breed (1792-1848)Aafje de Jong (c1794-1854)44
Caroline Laura Jane Bridgeland (1865-1955)Charles Bridgeland (Bef 1850-?)90
Klothilde Brunswik von Korompa (1869-1903)Romeo Hugo Brunswik von Korompa (1832-1889)Rosalie Ungard (1838-c1895)34
Mary Bryant (1666-1725)Abraham Bryant (1640-1720)Mary Kendall (1647-1688)59
Emily Jane Burless (1861-1949)William Burless (1830-1917)Emmeline Vidler (1832-1912)88
Agnes Capet (1260-1327)Louis IX Capet (1214-1270)Marguerite de Provence (1221-1295)67
Katherine Caroline Cavendish (1857-1941)William George Cavendish, 2nd Baron Chesham (1815-1882)Henrietta Frances Lascelles (1830-1884)84
James Clark (1602-1674)72
Harriet Cozens (1804-1874)William R Cozens (-1823)Charlotte Nicola (1761-c1835)70
Thomas Eather (1800-1886)Thomas Eather (1764-1827)Elizabeth Lee (c1771-1860)86
... further results

67 Familypedia people were first married on December 19

 FatherMotherJoined with
Henry Adams (1657-1733)Henry Adams (1609-1676)Elizabeth Paine (1620-1676)Prudence Frary (1662-1750)
Henry Alce (c1810-c1836)Charlotte Gutsell (1819-1891)
Elizabeth Allyn (1700-aft1752)Joseph Allyn (1671-bef1743)Mary Doty (1671-bef1743)Hezekiah Kilbourn (1700-?)
Ezra Badlam (1773-1842)Ezra Badlam (1743-1778)Patience Capen (1747-1832)Mary Lovis (1774-)
Eleanor Silliman Belknap (1876-1964)William Richardson Belknap (1849-1914)Alice Trumball Silliman (1846-1890)Lewis Craig Humphrey (1875-1927)
Jan Bijl (1892-1973)Dirk Bijl (1860-1894)Niesje Tol (1862-1940)Annigtje Mientjes (c1892-)
Nancy Jane Blackwell (c1810-)Thomas E. Pigott (1804-1866)
Joshua Booby (1877-1958)Charles Booby (1847-1910)Charlotte Fuller (1854-1937)Mary Jane Foster (1881-1955)
Thomas Bray (1792-1855)John Bray (1760-1797)Mary Devine (1766-1827)Martha Squire (1794-1814)+Ann Bloodworth (1798-1875)
James Breathitt (1852-1934)John William Breathitt (1825-1912)Katherine Augustine Webber (1828-1910)Olivia Thompson (1860-1949)
Mary Brown (1761-1844)Samuel Doty (1765-1829)
Walter Butler (1703-1783)John Butler (c1672-c1740)Ellen Morris
Anne Cecil (1556-1588)William Cecil (1521-1598)Mildred Cooke (1524-1589)Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604)
Lydia Chamberlain (1745-1793)Ebenezer Camberlain (1704-)Mary Trowbridge (1712-1756)William Brigham (1735-1793)
William Cleveland (1770-1837)Aaron Cleveland (c1743-1815)Abiah Hyde (1749-1788)Margaret Falley (1766-1850)
... further results

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