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December 3 is the 337th day of the year (338th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 28 days remaining until the end of the year.




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67 Familypedia people were born on December 3

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Manivald Aldre (1911-1958)
Jonathan Arnold (1741-1793)Josiah Arnold (1716-1747)Amey Phillips (1717-)
Nora Clarina Barton (1846-1931)Robert Johnston Barton (1809-1863)Emily Mary Darvall (1817-1909)
Aaltje Beerepoot (1871-1944)Johannes Beerepoot (1842-1917)Grietje Schaper (1842-1888)
Thomas Botting (1815)John Botting (1780)Sarah Wood (1780)
Minnie Merlene Boxsell (1902-1936)Richard Boxsell (1865-1936)Minnie Anne Graham (1866-1920)
William Boyton (1809-1874)John M Boyton (1782-1866)Ann Miller (1783-1850)
Marie Bremer (1730-bef1759)Stoffer Bremer (1665-1737)Anna Muller (1692-1750)
Leona Elizabeth Burton (1833-1909)John Newton Burton (1809-1839)Sarah Allred (1811-1834)
Charles VI de Valois (1368-1422)Charles V de Valois (1338-1380)Jeanne de Bourbon (1338-1378)
Pier Ferdinando Casini (1955)
Katherine Caroline Cavendish (1857-1941)William George Cavendish, 2nd Baron Chesham (1815-1882)Henrietta Frances Lascelles (1830-1884)
Emerich Karel Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1833-1911)Jindřich Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1802-1864)Caroline Louise von und zu Eltz (1810-1862)
Thomas Coughlin (1906-1906)Patrick Edwin Coughlin (1875-1948)Mary Isobel Bowden (1878-1931)
Walter John Cox (1866-1958)Robert Cox (1829-1932)Alicia Newton (c1841-1907)
... further results

87 Familypedia people died on December 3

 FatherMotherAge at death
William Ahern (1798-1871)73
Tommaso I di Saluzzo (c1240-1296)Manfredo III di Saluzzo (c1204-1244)Beatrice de Savoie (1223-1258)56
Henry James Austin (1886-1887)Frank Urquhart Austin (c1854-1916)Catherine Levingston (1856-1942)1
Nicolas Bagland (c1690-1751)Jonathan Baglan (c1670-)Sarah Stone (c1695-)61
Francis Billington (1607-1684)John Billington (1580-1630)Elinor Armstrong (c1580-1643)77
Joseph Lyle Blundell (1888-1949)George Blundell (1846-1933)Flora McLennan (1845-1917)61
Maude Bowden (1880-1902)Frank W Bowden (1855-1942)Letitia S Smith (1858-1934)22
Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington (1694-1753)Charles Boyle, 2nd Earl of Burlington (bef1674-1704)Juliana Noel (1672-1750)59
Cornelis Brama (c1799-1866)
Georgiana Isabel Campbell (1820-1884)John Frederick Campbell, 1st Earl Cawdor (1790-1860)Elizabeth Thynne (1795-1866)64
William Robert Capell (1775-1854)William Anne Capell, 4th Earl of Essex (1732-1799)Harriet Bladen (-1821)79
William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (1591-1668)Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury (1563-1612)Elizabeth Brooke (1562-1596)77
Mary Child (1699-1776)John Child (1669-1748)Hannah French (1676-1766)77
Rudolf Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1822-1890)Heřman Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1786-1822)Henrietta Brunswik von Korompa (1789-1857)68
Mary Cole (1653-1706)James Cole (1626-1709)Mary Tilson (1627-1678)53
... further results

67 Familypedia people were first married on December 3

 FatherMotherJoined with
Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Thomas Adair (1774-1858)Rebecca Brown (1776-1846)Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848)
Elisha Bennett Adams (1778-1845)Eleazer Adams (1748-1819)Prudence Bennett (1756-1787)Asenath Lucy Camp (1783-1864)
Mary Backus (1692-1770)John Backus (1662-1744)Mary Bingham (1672-1747)Joshua Ripley (1688-1739)
Hannah Barnes (1712-1789)John Barnes (1666-1752)Hannah Howe (1677-1742)Andrew Rice (1702-1775)
Michael John Berrell (1847-1907)Patrick Berrell (1818-1901)Rosetta Mary McGuirk (1829-1899)Bridget Seaman (1852-1928)
Albert Charles Blundell (1879-1955)Charles Blundell (1842-1910)Cecilia Caterson (1849-1930)Elsie May Douglass (1889-1954)
Adam Brown (c1748-1840)Adam Brown (1721-1775)Esther Parkman (1724)Priscilla Putnam (1751-1837)
Ann Buckingham (1687-1745)Samuel Doty (1681-1750)
Asenath Lucy Camp (1783-1864)Joel Camp (1753-1806)Anna Gillett (1759-)Elisha Bennett Adams (1778-1845)
Ann Dale (1826-1856)John Dale (c1783-1860)Mary Williams (1802-1867)George Arthur Mobbs (1823-1912)
Samuel Doty (1681-1750)Edward Doty (bef1638-aft1688)Sarah Faunce (c1645-1695)Ann Buckingham (1687-1745)
Elsie May Douglass (1889-1954)Saul David Douglass (1861-1935)Emily Louisa Walker (1867-1938)Albert Charles Blundell (1879-1955)
Thomas Dustin (1652-1732)Thomas Dustin (1627-1662)Elizabeth Wheeler (1618-1696)Hanna Emerson (1657-1738)
Hanna Emerson (1657-1738)Michael Emerson (1627-1709)Hannah Webster (1635-1708)Thomas Dustin (1652-1732)
Ephraim Fellows (1686-1757)Ephraim Fellows (c1640-1713)Anna Cross (c1651-1693)Mary Sarah Pierce (1692-1774)
... further results

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