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December 5 in recent years
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2008 (Friday)
2007 (Wednesday)
2006 (Tuesday)
2005 (Monday)
2004 (Sunday)
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2002 (Thursday)
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December 5 is the 339th day of the year (340th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 26 days remaining until the end of the year.




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72 Familypedia people were born on December 5

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Bhumibol Adulyadej (1927-2016)Mahidol Adulyadej (1892-1929)Sangwan Talapat (1900-1995)
Walter Backhouse (1875-1918)Joseph Backhouse (1839-1898)Ann Marshall (1842-1898)
Joseph Bass (1665-1733)John Bass (1630-1716)Ruth Alden (1643-1674)
Sarah Beers (1639-1724)Richard Beers (1616-1675)Elizabeth Furman (1615-1706)
Henry Behle (1842-1898)
Dona Boehl (1979)Tammy Elizabeth Boehl (1963)
Thekela Breed (1851-1889)Arie Breed (1820-1864)Eefje Brakeboer (c1820-?)
Louis Frederick Breitenbuecher (1884-1970)Charles Karl Breitenbuecher (1843-1913)Barbara Mass (1843-c1910)
Ernest Brogden (1884-1939)Joseph Brogden (1840-c1912)Susannah Moulds (1846-1919)
Anne Cecil (1556-1588)William Cecil (1521-1598)Mildred Cooke (1524-1589)
Wiliam Clough (1768-1853)Zacheus Clough (1728-c1810)Love Meader (c1730-1825)
Chauncey Harvey Cook (1874-1944)Chauncey Harvey Cook (1843-1923)Clarissa Curtis (1851-1915)
Moss George Cox (1869-1941)George Cox (1847-1922)Mary Ann Jean MacDonald (1846-1876)
George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876)Emanuel Henry Custer (1806-1892)Marie Ward (1807-1882)
Ann Elizabeth Davis (1850-1881)Peter Davis (1826-1911)Mary Cox (1830-1890)
... further results

60 Familypedia people died on December 5

 FatherMotherAge at death
Harry Ellington Armour (1874-1953)George W. Armour (1849-1889)Nancy Ann Childress (1848-1924)79
Jantje Bakker (1797-1858)Paulus Bakker (1766-1846)Lijsbeth Schuitemaker (1769-1810)
Anne Browne (c1669-1705)Thomas Browne (c1643-1728)Mary Carr (c1646-1689)36
Alice Beryl Buckman (1902-1993)Edward Buckman (1859-1918)Alice Bramble (1868-1935)91
John Cafe (1803-1869)Willam Cafe (c1770-1838)Elizabeth Smith (1771-1838)66
Isabell Australia Calvert (1915-1991)William James Calvert (1885-1970)Elizabeth Jarrett (c1885-)76
François II of Angoulême (1544-1560)Henri II of Angoulême (1519-1559)Caterina de' Medici (1519-1589)16
Pedro II of Brazil (1825-1891)Pedro I of Brazil (1798-1834)Maria Leopoldine von Österreich (1797-1826)66
William Cavendish, 3rd Duke of Devonshire (1698-1755)William Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Devonshire (1672-1729)Rachel Russell (1674-1725)57
Alma Ada Cotter (1927-1964)Michael Gerald Cotter (1881-1957)Lily May Dodd (1892-1950)37
Elizabeth Davis (1608-1683)
John Derby (1741-1812)Richard Derby (1712-1783)Mary Hodges (1713-1770)71
Ealhswith (c852-905)Æthelred Mucil (c825-)Eadburh (c825-)50
Charlotte Emerton (1860-1939)Stephen Emerton (1832-1912)Mary Ann Masters (1822-1901)79
Jonathan Fairbanks (1594-1668)John Fairbanks (1547-1625)Isabella Stancliffe (1556-1597)74
... further results

72 Familypedia people were first married on December 5

 FatherMotherJoined with
Elizabeth Allen (1672-1711)Jacob Allen (1653-1712)Elizabeth Clifford (1659-1706)Johann Kasper Richter von Kronenscheldt (bef1661-1711)
Robina Bell (1924-1992)Robert Alfred (Bob) Bell (1884-1959)Evelyn Eliza (Effie) Patterson (1893-1965)James Richard (Jim) O'Neill (1912-1980)
Emanoil Bogdan (1922-1881)Rene-Grigore Bogdan (1885-1975)Marie-Louise Wemyss-Swann (1893-1967)Dumitra Sănătescu (c1925) + Anca Scârneci (c1927)
Richard Boxsell (1865-1936)Richard Boxsell (1829-1878)Catherine Lindsay Nelson (1836-1907)Minnie Anne Graham (1866-1920)
Thomas Bradford (c1782-)Elizabeth Trayfoot
Isaac Campbell (1786-1860)Samuel Campbell (1750-1814)Margaret Vance (1754-)Jane Maxwell Steele (1785-1842)
Sarah Carder (1652-1724)Richard Carder (1618-1674)Mary Holden (1617-)Benjamin Gorton (1648-1699)
Stephen Mack Covey (1869-1959)Enoch Covey (1837-1902)Janet Carruth Young (1845-1884)Hannah Saunders (1869-1947) + Florence Brighton (1908-1999)
Mary Denison (1705-)Nathan Smith (c1700-)
Mary Ann Douglass (1836-1926)William Douglass (1809-1877)Jane Wright (1817-1898)John Thomas Singleton (1822-1874)
Abigail Franklin (1811-1892)Luther Franklin (1780-1861)Priscilla Pinney (c1778-1811)Hiram Dunlap Moor (1812-1888)
Benjamin Gorton (1648-1699)Samuel Gorton (1592-1677)Mary Maplet (1609-1677)Sarah Carder (1652-1724)
Minnie Anne Graham (1866-1920)William Graham (1835-1875)Isabella May Emery (1843-1929)Richard Boxsell (1865-1936)
Kathy Lynn HansonGerald "Gerry" HansonJoan Elizabeth "Joanie" JenkinsRonney Charles Cordell
Frances Herbert (1775-1830)Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnarvon (1741-1811)Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham (1752-1826)Thomas Reynolds Moreton, 1st Earl of Ducie (1776-1840)
... further results

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