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Rev Dr Whatever, D.D. etc was born before 1 January 950 at Rue/Avenue/routière; par exemple: "Napoleon Avenue" in Localité de naissance, Comté, Département/"État", Nation (Other place, e.g. hospital) to Père (-) and Mère () and died circa 2 January 999 at Napoleon Avenue in Sea, Comté, Département/"État", Nation (Autre lieu(x)) of Cause(s). She married Spouse1 () circa 9 September 997 JL in Localité of first marriage, Comté, Département/"État". She married Spouse2 () after 1 January 998 JL in Localité, Comté, Département/"État".


Offspring of COMPULSORY FIELD; include birth surname and Spouse1 ()
Name Birth Death Joined with
Enfant, Groupe familial-1
kid number 2
baby sis

Sources and notes

‡ General
  • Informations générales - Note(s)
  • Primary sources
  • Secondary sources
  • Source(s)
Ω Birth
  • note
  • source
† Baptism
  • note
  • source
₪ Wedding
  • note
  • source
2 Wedding 2
  • note
  • source
¶ Death
  • note
  • source
§ Remains
  • note
  • source


  Robin Patterson

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