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Denison County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It contains the towns of Barooga and Berrigan.

Denison County was named in honour of the Governor-General of New South Wales, Sir William Thomas Denison (1804-1871).[1]

Parishes within this countyEdit

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Barooga Berrigan Shire Council 35°49′54″S 145°40′04″E / -35.83167, 145.66778 (Barooga)
Berrigan Berrigan Shire Council 35°33′54″S 145°44′04″E / -35.565, 145.73444 (Berrigan)
Boomanoomana Berrigan Shire Council 35°54′54″S 145°54′04″E / -35.915, 145.90111 (Boomanoomana)
Bull Plain Corowa Shire Council 35°44′54″S 146°10′04″E / -35.74833, 146.16778 (Bull Plain)
Carlyle Berrigan Shire Council 35°49′54″S 145°54′04″E / -35.83167, 145.90111 (Carlyle)
Coreen West Corowa Shire Council 35°38′54″S 146°14′04″E / -35.64833, 146.23444 (Coreen West)
Cottadidda Berrigan Shire Council 35°54′54″S 145°45′04″E / -35.915, 145.75111 (Cottadidda)
Denison Corowa Shire Council 35°47′54″S 146°09′04″E / -35.79833, 146.15111 (Denison)
Dry Forest Corowa Shire Council 30°52′54″S 146°10′04″E / -30.88167, 146.16778 (Dry Forest)
Finley Berrigan Shire Council 35°38′54″S 145°36′04″E / -35.64833, 145.60111 (Finley)
Gereldery Berrigan Shire Council 35°41′54″S 145°49′04″E / -35.69833, 145.81778 (Gereldery)
Headford Berrigan Shire Council 35°44′54″S 145°42′04″E / -35.74833, 145.70111 (Headford)
Kilnyana Berrigan Shire Council 35°45′54″S 145°55′04″E / -35.765, 145.91778 (Kilnyana)
Lalalty Berrigan Shire Council 35°50′54″S 145°46′04″E / -35.84833, 145.76778 (Lalalty)
Langunya Berrigan Shire Council 35°43′54″S 145°36′04″E / -35.73167, 145.60111 (Langunya)
Momolong Corowa Shire Council 35°35′54″S 146°00′04″E / -35.59833, 146.00111 (Momolong)
Mulwala Corowa Shire Council 35°55′54″S 146°01′04″E / -35.93167, 146.01778 (Mulwala)
Nangunia Berrigan Shire Council 35°45′54″S 145°48′04″E / -35.765, 145.80111 (Nangunia)
Narrow Plains Corowa Shire Council 35°37′54″S 146°04′04″E / -35.63167, 146.06778 (Narrow Plains)
Osborne Berrigan Shire Council 35°36′54″S 145°50′04″E / -35.615, 145.83444 (Osborne)
Sargood Berrigan Shire Council 35°32′54″S 145°38′04″E / -35.54833, 145.63444 (Sargood)
Savernake Corowa Shire Council 35°45′54″S 146°01′04″E / -35.765, 146.01778 (Savernake)
Tocumwal Berrigan Shire Council 35°46′54″S 145°33′04″E / -35.78167, 145.55111 (Tocumwal)
Tongaboo Berrigan Shire Council 35°32′54″S 145°34′04″E / -35.54833, 145.56778 (Tongaboo)
Turramia Corowa Shire Council 35°56′54″S 146°07′04″E / -35.94833, 146.11778 (Turramia)
Ulupna Berrigan Shire Council 35°37′54″S 145°33′04″E / -35.63167, 145.55111 (Ulupna)
Wahgunyah Corowa Shire Council 35°50′54″S 146°02′04″E / -35.84833, 146.03444 (Wahgunyah)
Wangamong Corowa Shire Council 35°37′54″S 146°08′04″E / -35.63167, 146.13444 (Wangamong)
Warmatta Berrigan Shire Council 35°41′54″S 145°55′04″E / -35.69833, 145.91778 (Warmatta)
Warragubogra Berrigan Shire Council 35°38′54″S 145°42′04″E / -35.64833, 145.70111 (Warragubogra)
Woperana Berrigan Shire Council 35°41′54″S 145°30′04″E / -35.69833, 145.50111 (Woperana)


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