Samuel Doty (1765-1829)
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Stephen Doty (c1800-1874)
Mary Brown (1761-1844)
Franklin Bake Doty (1850-1935)
Jacob Bake (1773-1849)
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Rebecca Bake (1808-1885)
Catherine Reppert (1779-1851)
Sylvester Sylvanis Doty (1885-1953)
William Davison (?-?)
William Davison (1807-1893)
Esther Ann Davison (1853-1920)
Clarissa Sithens (1809-1892)
Kenneth Kiel Doty (1917-1973)
August Kiel (1843-1920)
Emma Augusta Kiel (1890-1983)
Johanna Grugel (1849-1926)
Dennis Doty (1946- )
Allen Hunt (c1805-?)
Elijah Hunt (c1833-)
Charles E. Hunt (1860-1947)
Nancy Ellsworth (c1833-)
Jesse David Hunt (1895-1973)
William M. Boycan (c1810-?)
George M. Boycan (c1844-)
Nancy A.
Mary Emma Boycan (1866-1954)
Nancy Jane Hansbrow (c1845-)
Doris Irene Hunt (1924-1972)
Abraham Lisenby (1819-1908)
James Adney Lisenby (1848-1931)
Susan Humphrey (1821-1880)
William Alfred Lisenby (1876-1942)
Alfred Short (c1827-?)
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Flora I. Short (1853-1925)
Nancy E. or Ann Browning
Mable Gertrude Lisenby (1900-1991)
Robert A. Yearwood (1805-1894)
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Samuel John Yearwood (1854-1945)
Sarah M. Rankin (1810-1875)
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Addie May Yearwood (1882-1958)
John M. Yearwood (1823-aft1879)
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Belvarita May Yearwood (1855-1943)
Miranda Ann Oakley (1830-aft1879)
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