These are my research notes on preparing a list of the 7 generations of descendants

of Captain Benjamin Chapman upto the time of the 1880 US Census.

Killua Castle, Westmeath, Ireland

Background Edit

Benjamin Chapman was a captain in the armies of Cromwell that fought in the English Civil War.  He was awared with the estate of Killua Castle in Ireland.  One line of his family were barons of Killua Castle.  One very prominent descendant here was T.E. Lawrence, AKA  Lawrence of Arabia.

But his second son, Thomas Chapman (1649-1687), immigrated to New England and started a great posterity there.  Several of these descendants fought against the British in the American Revolutionary War.

Legends and Myths Edit

It had been rumored that Johnny Appleseed (Chapman) was of this American family line, but that is not true.  He is a descendant of early New England immigrant Edward Chapman.

Killua Castle - Westmeath County, Ireland Edit

Killua Castle is the ancestral home of the Chapman Family who were granted the lands around Killua in 1667 as payment for services during the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland. The Chapman Family can count many distinguished members of both the Irish and British Parliaments among its members and has important historical connections with Sir Walter Raleigh and Lawrence of Arabia, who was the illegitimate son of Thomas Chapman of South Hill (near Delvin). The original castle/house at Killua was probably demolished when the present edifice was constructed c.1780 by Sir Benjamin Chapman. It is believed that the renowned architect Thomas Cooley (1740-1784) may have been responsible for the design of the new classical residence at Killua, c.1780.

Killua Castle was originally the property of the Knights Hospitalliers of St. John before its confiscation of Sir Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil Wars.

200 Meters from the castle is the Raleigh Obelisk - The obelisk marks the position where Sir Walter Raleigh planted some of the first potatoes that he imported to Ireland in the early 1600s. Antoine Parmentier who promoted the cultivation of potatoes for human consumption and the Spanish conquistadores who first imported them from South America. The obelisk erected by Sir Thomas Chapman in 1810, marks the Raleigh contribution to Ireland in providing stable nourishment to the farming/working class land tenants and is the supposed spot where the first potatoes were planted.

If anyone can remember or have records of Counciller Alfred Chapman in the early 1900's, I would greatly be in your debt

if you have any information regarding his family and his father. Thank you. John Chapman,, USA

Early Chapman Family History Edit

This family appears to have been of ancient extraction and to have long resided in and near the town of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England.  The first Chapmans to remove to Ireland (in the days of the Irish Rebellion), were two brothers, John and William Chapman. They were supported by Sir Walter Raleigh (who was their cousin maternal-german and early resident of Killua Castle) in procuring a sizeable tract of land in the County of Kerry.  After the fall of their patron, the Chapmans were olbiged to sell the property for a noteworthy sum of 26,400 pounds to the first Earl of Cork.  John died 8 years after that alienation and William died twelve years after that.  William was survived by the one son, Captain Benjamin Chapman.

Barons of Killia Edit

  1. Sir Benjamin Chapman (d1810) - 1st Chapman Baronet ( BChapman, WChapman, BChapman1) - a practicing Barrister in 1768. He was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Law (LL.D.) by Dublin University.
  2. Sir Thomas Chapman (1756-1837) - 2nd Chapman Baronet - Brother of 1st Baronet,
  3. Montagu Lowther Chapman (1808-1853) - 3rd Chapman Baronet - Member of Parliament for Westmeath Co, Ireland (1830-1841), Sheriff of Westmeath Co (1841), Died at Sea near Australia. No issue.
  4. Sir Benjamin James Chapman (1810-1888) - 4th Chapman Baronet - Brother of 3rd Baronet, He was a practising Barrister in 1835. Member of Parliament (M.P.) for County Westmeath between 1841 and 1847.
  5. Sir Montagu Richard Chapman (1853-1907) - 5th Chapman Baronet - He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the 9th Battalion, Rifle Brigade (Militia). He held the office of Sheriff of County Westmeath in 1889.
  6. Sir Benjamin Rupert Chapman (1865-1914) - 6th Chapman Baronet - brother of Montagu, but no issue. title passes to nephew.
  7. Thomas R.T. Chapman (1846-1919) - 7th Chapman Baronet -

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The Tighe Family are in Hartstown Clonmellon for many generations and most likely are the Descendants of the the above named....Contact

6th Generation Edit

GEN#Family - AmericaSpouseParentChildrenCommentsRESNFS
  1. 6001
Benjamin Chapman (1741-1843) Sybil Amidon5001..Did not convert to Mormon Church - His son Welcome Chapman Converted to Mormonism and Welcome's son Benjamin Isaac Chapman Died in Nauvoo IL  
GEN#Family of William Chapman - Killua CastleSpouseParentChildrenCommentsRESNFS
  1. 6801
Caroline Margaret Chapman (1851-1920) Montagu Chapman (#6813)5203noneMarried her cousin - the 5th Chapman Baronet of Killua Castle. When she died in 1920 it led to breakup of family estate at Killua Castle and end of the Chapman baronacy.  
  1. 6802
Major William Eden Chapman (1844-1870)  5203noneOffice in 15th Hussars - Died at age 25 - never married  
  1. 6803
Thomas Robert Tighe Chapman (1846-1919) AKA: Thomas Robert Lawrence 7th Chapman Baronet of Killua Castle1)  Boyd 2)  Lawrence520377001-77014 T.E.  Lawrence LineSir Thomas adopted the surname of his unmarried partner.  Passed name to all children.  Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for County Westmeath.  Title of Baronet became extinct when he died.  
  1. 6804
Francis Vansittart Chapman (1850-1915)  5203noneRES: South Hill, Delvin, Westmeath, Ireland (1913) High Sheriff of County Westmeath in 1891. He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for County Westmeath. He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) of County Westmeath.  He died unmarried.  
GEN#Family of Benjamin James Chapman - Killua CastleSpouseParentChildrenCommentsRESNFS
  1. 6811
Dora Marguerite Chapman (1850-1921)  5202..   
  1. 6812
Maria Chapman (1852-1898)  5202?Possible Duplication of Dora
No verification
  1. 6813
Sir Montagu Richard Chapman (1853-1907)
5th Baronet of Killua Castle
Caroline Chapman (#6801)5202noneMarried to Cousin - #6801 above. Died without children.  
  1. 6814
Sir Benjamin Rupert Chapman (1865-1914)
6th Baronet of Killua Castle
 5202noneNo known marriage or descendants  

7th Generation Edit

GEN#Family - Manti, UtahSpouseParentChildrenCommentsRESNFS
  1. 70001
Welcome Chapman (1805-1893) Susan Amelia Risley6001..1st President of Manti Stake - LDS Church. Wife of de Risley Family Royal Lineage/  
GEN#Family - Westmeath, IrelandSpouseParentChildrenCommentsRESNFS
  1. 77001
Mabel Cecile Chapman (b1881)?6803-1..   
  1. 77002
Evan Jane Louisa Chapman (b1874)?6803-1..   
  1. 77003
Rose Isabel Chapman (b1878)?6803-1..   
  1. 77004
Florence Lina Chapman (b1880)?6803-1..   
  1. 77011
Montague Robert Lawrence (1885-1971) wife6803-2..physician and medical missionary to China  
  1. 77012
Lt.Col. Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888-1935) AKA: Lawrence of Arabia 6803-2NoneNever Married  
  1. 77013
William George Lawrence (1889-1915)  6803-2noneDied in First World War
Never Married
  1. 77014
Frank Helier Lawrence (1893-1915)  6803-2noneDied in First World War
Never Married
  1. 77014
Arnold Walter Lawrence (1900-1991) Barbara Thompson6803-2..Archealogist and Art Historian  

Featherstone Family Edit

At Killua Castle was also the Fetherstonhaugh Family, a well-to-do family that included a Maj-Gen Richard Featherstonhaugh, who was a prominent figure in the Boer Wars, and possibly a major influence for younger generation of Chapman's to do military service. The Featherstonhaugh's intermarry with the Chapmans.

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