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This is nearly as complete as we can get it. Please see Project Charlemagne if you would like to improve the documentation of completed generations or to help with later generations.
Click the icon at the head of each column to alphabetize the column; refresh to restore children to birth order.

  1. Aarnout van Holland (951-993)
  2. Adalberon de Bar (958-1005)
  3. Adalberon von Luxemburg (?-1037)
  4. Adalbéron de Reims (c925-989)
  5. Adela van Hamaland (c950-c1025)
  6. Adelaide de Rouergue (c950-1011)
  7. Adelaide de Troyes (c955-c991)
  8. Adelaide-Werra de Chalon (920-967)
  9. Adele of Meaux (c950-c980)
  10. Adolf I von Deutz (c928-?)
  11. Agnes de Blois (c987-c1034)
  12. Agnes de Lebarten (955-?)
  13. Albert I de Namur (950-1011)
  14. Albert de Chambon (980-?)
  15. Almodis de Gevaudan (?-?)
  16. Altmann von Dollnstein (c968-1007)
  17. Amadeus di Pombia (?-?)
  18. Ansfred II le Coz (963-1035)
  19. Archambaurd I de Comborn (910-959)
  20. Ardolf I de Guines (c966-aft996)
  21. Aremberte of Arles (952-?)
  22. Argotus Crespin de Bec (985-c1032)
  23. Arnaud de Bigorre (c945-aft980)
  24. Arnold II von Lutzelburg (959-1017)
  25. Arnold von Rottgau (?-c1020)
  26. Arnoul III de Boulogne (?-990)
  27. Arnulf (?-1021)
  28. Arnulf II of Flanders (c960-988)
  29. Ava de Ribagorce (c910-?)
  30. Baldwin IV of Flanders (980-1036)
  31. Barbe de Lebarten (964-1044)
  32. Beatrice de France (c938-aft987)
  33. Bernard I d'Armagnac (c920-995)
  34. Bernard I de La Marche (c980-1047)
  35. Bernard I de Turenne (915-981)
  36. Bernard I von Sachsen (c950-1011)
  37. Bernhard I von Sachsen (c950-1011)
  38. Bertha de Bourgogne (967-1016)
  39. Bertha of Tuscany (?-?)
  40. Berthold von Reisensburg (c930-c999)
  41. Berthold von Schweinachgau (?-c1005)
  42. Bertrand I de Gevaudan (c938-993)
  43. Bonne de Barcelone (?-?)
  44. Borrell I de Pallars (?-995)
  45. Boson I de la Marche (910-968)
  46. Boson III de Périgord (1000-1073)
  47. Bruno Billung (?-976)
  48. Bruno von Sachsen (953-957)
  49. Brunon de Roucy (c956-1016)
  50. Catherine de Bricquebec (955-c1002)... further results

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