These are my research notes on preparing a list of the several generations of descendants of 'Henry Adams - English Immigrant up to the time of the 1880 US Census.

Henry is the forefather to US President John Adams and many other prominent figures in early New England.

There is a possible connection to the Smith, Bolyston and Chapin families in early New England.

Adams Family Research Task List Edit

  • (1) Build Chart from top to bottom
  • (2) Clean up NFS from bottom to top
  • (X) Research or NFS Complete.
  • NFS Goal - add child, spouse and children and spouse's family thru 7th gen
  • 7th Gen Goal - identify children only (do not push for family detail beyond the US Census.)

1st GenerationEdit

#101Henry Adams (1578-1646)Mary AlexanderMigrated from Devonshire England, Founder of village of Braintree, Mass.

2nd GenerationEdit

#201Joseph AdamsAbigail Baxter

3rd GenerationEdit

#301Joseph AdamsMary Chapin

4th GenerationEdit

#4001John AdamsSusanna Bolyston

5th GenerationEdit

#5001John Adams (1735-1826)
2nd President of the U.S.
Abigail Smith40016001-6003Res: Braintree, Massachusetts
1st Vice President of the U.S.
Ambassador to Great Britain
Ambassador to Netherlands
Delegate 2nd Continental Congress
Delegate 1st Continental Congress
#5002Peter Bolyston Adams4001Farmer
Militia Commander
#5003Elihu Adams4001Militia Captain - Braintree MA
Minuteman at Concord Green (1775)

6th GenerationEdit

#6001John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)
6th President of the U.S.
Louisa Catherine Johnson5001Res: Braintree, Massachusetts
U.S. Senator (Mass-Federalist)
U.S. Congressman
8th U.S. Secretary of State
Ambassador to United Kingdom
Ambassador to Russia
Ambassador to Prussia
Ambassador to Netherlands
Massachusetts State Senate
Graduate: Harvard University
#6002Abigail Adams (1765-1813)Col. William Stevens Smith5001X
#6003Suzanna Adams (1768-1770)5001Died young
#6004Charles Adams (1770-1800)Sally Smith5001Lawyer
#6005Thomas Bolyston Adams (1772-1832)Ann Harrod5001Massachusetts State Legislator
Justice: Mass. Circuit Court
#6006Elizabeth Adams (Stillborn)5001X

7th GenerationEdit

#70001Louisa Adams6001CX
#70002George Washington Adams (1801-1829)6001CGraduate: Harvard University
Massachusetts State Representative (1826-1829)
Died: Apparent Suicide
#70003John Adams6001CX
#70004Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886)Abigail Brown Brooks6001CU.S. Congressman (1859-1861)
U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain (1861-1868)
Twice candidate for U.S. Vice President
Graduate: Harvard University

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