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These are my research notes on preparing a list of the 7 generations of descendants of Ralph Chapman, The Immigrant upto the time of the 1880 US Census.

Chapman Family Research Task List Edit

  • (1) Build Chart from top to bottom
  • (2) Clean up NFS from bottom to top
  • (X) Research or NFS Complete.
  • NFS Goal - add child, spouse and children and spouse's family thru 7th gen
  • 7th Gen Goal - identify children only (do not push for family detail beyond the US Census.)
1st Generation
#101Benjamin Chapman b. 1681Anne ParkinsonFATHER201-204Captain of the Chapman Baronets of Killua Castle.MoreHelp!
2nd Generation
#201Thomas Chapman (1649-1687)101Sarah MerrickMoreImmigrant to New England - -
3rd Generation
#301Thomas Chapman (1683-1758)
4th Generation
#4001Thomas Chapman (1707-1793)
5th Generation
#5001Throop Chapman (1734-1794)
6th Generation
#6001Benjamin Chapman (1741-1843)
7th Generation
#70001Welcome Chapman (1805-1893)

Referencences Edit

Notable Descendants Edit

See Wikipedia Links:

  • T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), illegitimate son of Sir Thomas Chapman, 7th Baronet
  • Welcome Chapman

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