Dewey Ernest Lattin II (1922-1982) Truck Driver (b. November 03, 1922, New York, New York, USA - d. February 13, 1985, Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts, 01930, USA) Social Security Number 086169304.


He was the son of Dewey Ernest Lattin I (1898-1985) and Elizabeth Henry (1903-1987).


He died on February 13, 1985 in Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts and was buried in Bard Essex Cemetery.

Memories about Dewey Ernest Lattin IIEdit

  • Harold Lawrence McPheeters (1923- ) says: "He married just before he went overseas for the War, and while he was away his wife got pregnant by another man and when he got home he divorced her. He was a long distance truck driver. He was missing from the family for a while and then he was found in Massachusetts."

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