Vital statisticsEdit

  • Sex : Female
  • Born: 5 Dec 1788
  • Married:
(1) 9 September 1809 St Phillips, Sydney, NSW, Australia
(2) 7 April 1818 St Matthews, Windsor, NSW, Australia




  1. William Littleton Gaudry (1782-1816)
  2. John Teale (c1788-1851)


With William Littleton Gaudry (1782-1816):

  1. William Henry Gaudry (1810-1841)
  2. Charles Joseph Stephen Woodward Gaudry (1812-1861)
  3. Emmeline Ann Susannah Gaudry (1814-1886)
  4. George Littleton Gaudry (1816-1889)

With John Teale (c1788-1851):

  1. John Henry Teale (1819-1891)
  2. Caroline Emilene Teale (1821-1854)
  3. Diana Blanche Teale (1823-1843)
  4. Joseph Thomas Teale (1825-1901)
  5. Henry William Teale (1829-1912)


Death of the oldest White Australian.—On Friday last, Mrs. Diana Teale, widow of the late Mr. John Teale, miller, of Windsor, died at her residence in Macquarie-street. We believe Mrs. Teale was the second white person born, and the first to live to maturity, after birth, in the colony since its foundation by Governor Phillip sixty-six years ago, she having been born a few months thereafter. We are also informed that Mrs. Teale's father, the late Mr. Joseph Kable, was the first man in the party of the above named Governor to set his foot on shore at Sydney, in the name of the British Government.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 March 1854, page 3


Diana Teale's father was Henry Kable, a first fleet convict.


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