Die Genealogie der Franken und Frankreichs ("the genealogy of the Franks and their kingdom") is a website by Karl-Heinz Schreiber in the German language covering families, dynasties, and dukedoms of the Middle Ages in areas that are now mostly in France and Germany.

External linksEdit

  • Home page
    • Families, including Charlemagne and his family
    • Dynasties: Kapetinger; Valois; Haus Elsass; Haus Dampierre; Seigneurs de Courtenay; Courtenay, Grafen von Edessa; Haus Bouillon; Balduine; Archambault, Sire de Bourbon; Haus Poitou; Tedbaldiner
    • Dukedoms: Aquitanien, Herzogtum; Boulogne, Grafschaft; Bourbon, Grafschaft; Burgund, Herzogtum; Dammartin, Grafen von; Flandern Grafschaft

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