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Lists of people who died in Ireland may be found in various places, mostly in Ireland but some elsewhere.

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The bottom part of this page is not intended as a workable page but may have some value to searchers who browse. Its main purpose is to list pages where "Northern Ireland" is shown as the "death nation" (instead of the correct "United Kingdom"). Until our forms and other instruction pages succeed in encouraging all users to treat the United Kingdom as a nation, containing four "states", there will be a growing number of entries in the first group, and the creators of SMW pages about Northern Ireland will need to be aware that some pages that should be included will have the "state" in the "nation" property.

The column for "death nation-subdiv1" in the first group will show which pages can be most easily edited to correct (i.e. those where it is blank).

The column for "death nation" in the second group will show which pages have not had "United Kingdom" specified and should therefore be edited so as to give more complete results for any query involving the UK.

Note that columns are sortable using the triangle icons, most usefully if you have clicked on "further results" and the "500" option.

"Northern Ireland" shown (incorrectly) as "death nation"Edit

None listed at present, which is good

"Northern Ireland" shown (correctly) as "death nation-subdiv1"Edit

  Surname Birth year Birth locality Birth county Joined with-g1 Joined with-g2 Death year Death locality Death county Death nation
Margaret Aberdein (1844-1903) Aberdein 1,844 Montrose Angus William John Blair Brown (1844-1923) 1,903 Belfast County Antrim United Kingdom
Elizabeth Jackson Logan Brown (1907-1978) Brown 1,907 Belfast Robert McKibbin (1901-1947) 1,978 Belfast United Kingdom
John Logan Brown (1913-2009) Brown 1,913 Belfast County Antrim Annie Mills (1913-2004) 2,009 Belfast County Antrim United Kingdom
Wilhelmina Brown (1902-1945) Brown 1,902 Belfast Sydney Buchanan (1900-) 1,945 Belfast United Kingdom
William Blair Brown (1872-1944) Brown 1,872 Glasgow Margaret Logan (1875-1963) 1,944 Belfast County Antrim United Kingdom
William John Blair Brown (1844-1923) Brown 1,844 Montrose, Angus Angus Margaret Aberdein (1844-1903) 1,923 Belfast County Antrim United Kingdom
Jane English (1881-1966) English 1,881 Carrickfergus County Antrim Thomas Aaron Magill (1880-1930) 1,966 Belfast United Kingdom
Robert Frackleton (1700-1790) Frackleton 1,700 Unknown Stevens (bef1736) 1,790 Dromore, County Down County Down United Kingdom
John Logan (1845-1933) Logan 1,845 County Down Eliza Jackson (1847-1918) 1,933 Belfast County Antrim United Kingdom
Margaret Logan (1875-1963) Logan 1,875 Belfast County Antrim William Blair Brown (1872-1944) 1,963 Ballymena County Antrim United Kingdom
John Love (1645-1724) Love 1,645 Ballymoney County Antrim 1,724 Craigatempin, County Antrim County Antrim United Kingdom
Thomas Mackrel (1889-1943) Mackrel 1,889 Derry Maude Mary Totton (1893-1974) 1,943 Belfast United Kingdom
Alexander Magill (1917-1983) Magill 1,917 Belfast Josephine Totton (1910-1996) 1,983 Belfast United Kingdom
Patricia Ann Magill (1945-2014) Magill 1,945 Belfast Stephen Brown (1942-living) 2,014 Belfast United Kingdom
Thomas Aaron Magill (1880-1930) Magill 1,880 Belfast Jane English (1881-1966) 1,930 Belfast United Kingdom
Sarah Jane McConnell (1875-1934) McConnell 1,875 Dromore County Down Rainey Mills (1876-1958) 1,934 Belfast United Kingdom
Robert McKibbin (1901-1947) McKibbin 1,901 Belfast Elizabeth Jackson Logan Brown (1907-1978) 1,947 Belfast United Kingdom
Annie Mills (1913-2004) Mills 1,913 Belfast John Logan Brown (1913-2009) 2,004 Belfast United Kingdom
Rainey Mills (1876-1958) Mills 1,876 Dromore County Down Sarah Jane McConnell (1875-1934) 1,958 Belfast United Kingdom
John Moore (bef1612-) Moore 1,612 Glasgow Lanarkshire County Antrim United Kingdom
Rose Rafferty (1910-1990) Rafferty 1,910 Sixmilecross Tyrone Patrick Eugene "Pat" Heaney (1906-1971) 1,990 Omagh Tyrone
Ellen Rush (1875-1916) Rush 1,875 Daniel Rafferty (1851-1915) 1,916 Sixmilecross Tyrone
Josephine Totton (1910-1996) Totton 1,910 Belfast Alexander Magill (1917-1983) 1,996 Belfast United Kingdom
Maude Mary Totton (1893-1974) Totton 1,893 Belfast Joseph Gardner (1889-1959) Thomas Mackrel (1889-1943) 1,974 Belfast United Kingdom

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