Diedrich Georginpoika Von Tiesenhausen (1569-)
Diedrich Georginpoika Von Tiesenhausen
Sex: Male
Birth: 1569
Riga, Latvia
Father: Georg Von Tiesenhausen (bef1555-aft1569)
Mother: ? Von Haster (bef1555-aft1569)
Spouse/Partner: Dorothea Reinholdintytär Von Koskull (1574-?)
Children: Elisabet Diedrichintytär Von Tiesenhausen (bef1605-?)

Diedrich Georginpoika Von Tiesenhausen (1569-?)


Diedrich was born in 1569 to parents Georg Von Tiesenhausen and ? Von Haster.

Marriage to Dorothea Von KoskullEdit

Diedrich married Dorothea Reinholdintytär Von Koskull (1574-?).

Known Children by Dorothea Von KoskullEdit

Diedrich and Dorothea had at least one daughter, Elisabet Diedrichintytär Von Tiesenhausen (bef1605-?).

Paternal ancestryEdit

The Tiesenhausen family originates from Tiesenhusen, situated in Northern Germany between Nienburg and Holtorf in the lower Weser region ("Unterweser"). They were knights of the counts Wölpe. The Tiesenhausen first mentioned is Engelbertus de Tysenhusen, who sailed together Albert von Buxhövede to Livland (today Latvia). Buxhövede was not only Engelbertus brother-in-law, but also later became the first bishop of Riga. There, the family soon rose to influence and prosperity, not least through the policy that only allowed the sale of land within the family. It is presumed, but not proven, that Diedrich is a descendant of Engelbertus.


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