Dirk Korver was born 24 November 1869 in Akersloot, North Holland, Netherlands to Huibert Korver (1822-1881) and Grietje Elswijk (1840-1888) and died 4 May 1955 in Velsen, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Maria Vader (1870-1906) 29 April 1893 in Oudorp, North Holland, Netherlands. He married Catharina Maria van den Akker (1877-1957) 10 April 1907 in Delft, South Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.


Offspring of Dirk Korver and Maria Vader (1870-1906)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Johanna Korver (1894-)
Hubertus Korver (1896-1970) 30 May 1896 Wijk aan Zee 9 May 1970 Velsen Petronella C. Zonneveldt (1902-)

Gerardus Korver (1897-1959) 26 July 1897 Wijk aan Zee 12 November 1959 Beverwijk Maria E. Stals (1900-1971)

Offspring of Dirk Korver and Catharina Maria van den Akker (1877-1957)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elisabeth M.J. Korver (1908-)
Adrianus A. Korver (1910-1911) 13 September 1910 Velsen 14 August 1911 Velsen
Laurentius A.A. Korver (1913-1942)
Adrianus Korver (1915-1968) <month not recognized> Velsen <month not recognized> Amsterdam Namke de Vries (1914-)

Theodorus J.A. Korver (1918-)
Margaretha M.W. Korver (1921-)

Namesakes of Dirk Korver (1869-1955)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Dirk Korver (1956-)AlkmaarDirk Korver (1919-)Agatha Hoekmeijer (1926-)Ernestina M. Heerwaardenk (1962-)
Dirk Korver (?-?)Oterleek, NetherlandsZwaagdijk, NetherlandsPieter Korver (c1590-c1658)Ariaen Pieters (?-c1660)+Trijntje Ariaens (?-?)
Dirk Korver (1779-)Akersloot, North Holland, NetherlandsHuibert Korver alias Zwerver (1754-1808)Jannetje Aris Goudsblom (1754-?)Maartje Willems Jager (?-?)
Dirk Korver (?-bef1698)Oterleek, North Holland, NetherlandsOterleek, North Holland, NetherlandsClaas Korver (?-bef1680)Aerjaentje Dircx (?-1698)
Dirk Korver (1653-1739)Oterleek, NetherlandsSijbekarspel, NetherlandsSimon Korver (c1615-)Aecht Jacobs (?-?)Trijntje Sijmons (?-bef1699)
Dirk Korver (c1540-?)Alkmaar, NetherlandsAlkmaar, NetherlandsPieter Korver (c1510-)
Dirk Korver (1869-1955)Akersloot, North Holland, NetherlandsVelsen, North Holland, NetherlandsHuibert Korver (1822-1881)Grietje Elswijk (1840-1888)Maria Vader (1870-1906)+Catharina Maria van den Akker (1877-1957)
Dirk Korver (c1620-1685?)Alkmaar, NetherlandsAlkmaar, NetherlandsAdriaen Dirks (?-?)Wendelmoet Korver (c1585-c1649)Trijntje
Dirk Korver (1919-)AlkmaarJohannes Korver (1884-1942)Betje van Leeren (1888-1973)Agatha Hoekmeijer (1926-)
Dirk Korver (1711-1762)Alkmaar, NetherlandsAlkmaar, NetherlandsClaas Korver (c1670-1717)Aeltje Willems Stam (?-?)Dirkje Gierstman (?-?)+Hendrijntje Ramshorst (?-?)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General

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