Dirk Korver was a butcher who lived in Alkmaar. He was no living descendents with the name Korver. The Korver family of West Friesland descends from his great-uncle Dirk.

Dirk's daughter Wendelmoet was married to Jan Cornelisz Winder. They had a daughter Trijntje Jans Winder. Dirk's daughter Trijntje was married to Pieter Jansz Brakveld. This marriage was childless. Dirk's daughter Sijmontje was married to Sijmon Jansz Moeriaan. They had a son Dirk Moeriaan and a daughter Trijntje Moeriaan.

Dirk's son Meinouw died at young age. His children were placed under Adriaen's custody.


Offspring of Dirk Korver and Trijntje
Name Birth Death Joined with
Adriaen Korver (1659-1727) 1659 Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands 11 October 1727 Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands Teetje Jacobs Maars

Wendelmoet Korver (?-?)
Pieter Korver (c1659-c1704)
Trijntje Korver (?-?)
Sijmontje Korver (?-?)
Meijnouw Korver (?-?)
Claas Korver (c1670-1717) 1670 Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands 18 May 1717 Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands Barta Heijndricks van Riesen (?-?)
Aeltje Willems Stam (?-?)

Namesakes of Dirk Korver (c1620-1685?)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Dirk Korver (1779-)Akersloot, North Holland, NetherlandsHuibert Korver alias Zwerver (1754-1808)Jannetje Aris Goudsblom (1754-?)Maartje Willems Jager (?-?)
Dirk Korver (?-bef1698)Oterleek, North Holland, NetherlandsOterleek, North Holland, NetherlandsClaas Korver (?-bef1680)Aerjaentje Dircx (?-1698)
Dirk Korver (1653-1739)Oterleek, NetherlandsSijbekarspel, NetherlandsSimon Korver (c1615-)Aecht Jacobs (?-?)Trijntje Sijmons (?-bef1699)
Dirk Korver (c1540-?)Alkmaar, NetherlandsAlkmaar, NetherlandsPieter Korver (c1510-)
Dirk Korver (1869-1955)Akersloot, North Holland, NetherlandsVelsen, North Holland, NetherlandsHuibert Korver (1822-1881)Grietje Elswijk (1840-1888)Maria Vader (1870-1906)+Catharina Maria van den Akker (1877-1957)
Dirk Korver (c1620-1685?)Alkmaar, NetherlandsAlkmaar, NetherlandsAdriaen Dirks (?-?)Wendelmoet Korver (c1585-c1649)Trijntje
Dirk Korver (1919-)AlkmaarJohannes Korver (1884-1942)Betje van Leeren (1888-1973)Agatha Hoekmeijer (1926-)
Dirk Korver (1711-1762)Alkmaar, NetherlandsAlkmaar, NetherlandsClaas Korver (c1670-1717)Aeltje Willems Stam (?-?)Dirkje Gierstman (?-?)+Hendrijntje Ramshorst (?-?)
Dirk Korver (1956-)AlkmaarDirk Korver (1919-)Agatha Hoekmeijer (1926-)Ernestina M. Heerwaardenk (1962-)
Dirk Korver (?-?)Oterleek, NetherlandsZwaagdijk, NetherlandsPieter Korver (c1590-c1658)Ariaen Pieters (?-c1660)+Trijntje Ariaens (?-?)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General

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