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Dorothea von Brandenburg was born 1430 to Johann der Alchimist von Brandenburg-Kulmbach (1406-1464) and Barbara von Sachsen-Wittenberg (1405-1465) and died 10 November 1495 in Kalundborg of unspecified causes. She married Christopher III of Denmark (1416-1448) 12 September 1445 JL in Copenhagen. She married Christian I of Denmark (1426-1481) 28 October 1449 JL in Copenhagen. Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899), Rurik (c832-879). Ancestors are from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, Belarus, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic.


Offspring of Dorothea von Brandenburg and Christian I of Denmark (1426-1481)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hans of Denmark (1455-1513) 5 June 1455 Aalborghus Slot, Aalborg, Denmark 20 February 1513 Aalborghus Slot, Aalborg, Denmark Christina von Sachsen (1461-1521)

Margaret of Denmark (1456-1486) 23 June 1456 14 July 1486 Stirlingshire James III of Scotland (c1451-1488)

Frederik I of Denmark (1471-1533) 7 October 1471 10 April 1533 Gottorf Castle Anna von Brandenburg (1487-1514)
Sophia von Pommern (1498-1568)

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Namesakes of Dorothea von Brandenburg (1430-1495)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Dorothea von Brandenburg (1446-1519)Friedrich II. von Brandenburg (1413-1471)Katharina von Sachsen (1421-1476)Johann V. von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1439-1507)
Dorothea von Brandenburg (1430-1495)KalundborgJohann der Alchimist von Brandenburg-Kulmbach (1406-1464)Barbara von Sachsen-Wittenberg (1405-1465)Christopher III of Denmark (1416-1448)+Christian I of Denmark (1426-1481)
Dorothea von Brandenburg (1420-1491)Berlin, GermanyRehna, GermanyFriedrich I. von Brandenburg (1372-1440)Elisabeth von Bayern-Landshut (1383-1442)Heinrich IV. zu Mecklenburg (1417-1477)
Dorothea Charlotte von Brandenburg-Ansbach (1661-1705)AnsbachDarmstadtAlbrecht II. von Brandenburg-Ansbach (1620-1667)Sophie Margarete zu Oettingen-Oettingen (1634-1664)Ernst Ludwig von Hessen-Darmstadt (1667-1739)
Dorothea Friederike von Brandenburg-Ansbach (1676-1731)AnsbachHanauJohann Friedrich von Brandenburg-Ansbach (1654-1686)Johanna Elisabeth von Baden-Durlach (1651-1680)Johann Reinhard III. von Hanau (1665-1736)
Dorothea Sibylle von Brandenburg (1590-1625)Berlin, GermanyBrzeg, PolandJohann Georg von Brandenburg (1525-1598)Elisabeth von Anhalt (1563-1607)John Christian of Brieg (1591-1639)

Common ancestors of Dorothea von Brandenburg (1430-1495) and Christopher III of Denmark (1416-1448)

  1. Adelheid von Hessen (c1272-1315)
  2. Beatrix of Glogow (1290-1322)
  3. Berthold VII. von Henneberg-Schleusingen (c1272-1340)
  4. Eleanor of Anjou (1289-1341)
  5. Elisabeth von Henneberg-Schleusingen (c1289-aft1377)
  6. Elisabeth von Lobdeburg Arnshaugk (1286-1359)
  7. Elisabeth von Meißen (1329-1375)
  8. Frederick III of Sicily (1272-1337)
  9. Friedrich I von Meißen (1257-1323)
  10. Friedrich II von Meißen (1310-1349)
  11. Friedrich IV. von Nürnberg (1287-1332)
  12. Friedrich V. von Nürnberg (1333-1398)
  13. Johann II. von Nürnberg (c1310-1357)
  14. Ludwig IV. von Wittelsbach (1282-1347)
  15. Margarete von Görz (c1290-1348)
  16. Mechtild von Bayern (aft1313-1346)
    Common ancestors of Dorothea von Brandenburg (1430-1495) and Christian I of Denmark (1426-1481)
  1. Rudolf I. von Sachsen-Wittenberg (c1284-1356)

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Footnotes (including sources)

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