Duncan Donald McColl
Sex: Male
Birth: April 23, 1942
Death: March 10, 1911
Father: David McColl
Mother: Margaret McColl
Spouse/Partner: Nellie Deborah Thomas

Duncan Donald McColl (1842-1911) was born in Richmond County, N.C., the son of David and Margaret McColl McColl. He lived with his family on their farm near present-day Maxton, N.C., until the age of 16, when he moved to Bennettsville, S.C., to live with his uncle, Peter McColl, Clerk of Common Pleas and General Sessions Courts for Marlboro County, S.C. Duncan Donald McColl fought in the Civil War with Company A of First North Carolina Heavy Artillery. After the war, McColl returned to Bennettsville and began his law studies. He was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 1866 and practiced as a Solicitor in Equity Court. In 1872, he took a commission as Solicitor for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. On 23 December 1884, McColl and ten other Bennettsville businessmen formed the Bank of Marlboro. This bank was one of the few small town banks in the South. In addition to the Bank of Marlboro, Duncan D. McColl worked to establish railroad lines into Bennettsville and, in 1896, helped finance the Bennettsville Cotton Mill. McColl served as the first president of the mill and later merged it with three mills in McColl, S.C. The new company became Marlboro Cotton Mills, and Duncan D. McColl served as its director until his death in 1911.

Duncan D. McColl married Nellie Deborah Thomas, daughter of the Rev. J. A. W. and Margaret Spears Thomas. Their children were Pearl McColl McLeod (1871-1936); Alexa McColl Carroll (1872- 1946); Hugh Leon McColl (1874-1931); Nellie Evans McColl (1875- 1878?); Duncan Donald McColl (1877-1930); Nell McColl Pringle (1879-1936); and David Kenneth McColl (1883-1952).


Name Birth Death

Hugh Leon McColl Sr. May 26, 1874
April 11, 1931

Pearl McColl August 4, 1871


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