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Please be aware that there were two couples William and Eliza Dunk in New South Wales around the same time and many people have their trees and details mixed. The husbands came from the same district (Rother) in East Sussex. (They could have been cousins, but we do not yet know whether they were related.) Both couples had sons called William Henry Dunk, just to add to the confusion. See the disambiguation page William Dunk (disambiguation)!

  • William Dunk (c1817-1872) married Eliza Packham (c1818-1881) on 14 Aug 1836 in Northiam, East Sussex, England. They arrived in Australia on the Amelia Thompson in July 1838. Two young daughters (Mary Ann and Harriett) had died on the voyage. William Dunk and Eliza Packham settled in the Redfern area, had a dozen more children, and are both buried at St Thomas's Church Cemetery in Enfield NSW.
  • William Henry Dunk (1821-1901) arrived in New South Wales on 26 October 1839 on the Florist with his parents. He married Eliza Barker (c1844-1933) in 1861 at Camden, where he eventually died.

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