Earl Smith Miller (1879-1942)

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Earl Smith Miller (1879-aft1942)

Earl Smith Miller
Earl Smith Miller
Sex: Male
Birth: around 1879 in Coshocton County, Ohio
Death: after 1920
Father: Samuel Hoobler Miller (1851-aft1915)
Mother: Mary Jane Smith (c1851-c1940)


Earl was born August 13, 1879 in Tunnel Hill,[1] Coshocton County, Ohio, to parents Samuel Hoobler Miller (1851-aft1915) and Mary Jane Smith (c1851-c1940).


Earl attended college in Athens, Ohio.


Earl was a carpet salesman in 1930.


It is believed that Earl did not have any children. As of 1930, he was childless, living with his 80-year-old mother, and a lodger named Mary Artin.


Earl died June 7, 1942, in Massillon, Ohio.


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