Early Settlers Of Possibly Redland Oklahoma

I am in search of my grandparents that were married around 1885 in Arkansas in Van Buren County had a home in the Redlands of Oklahoma believe that they settled in Indian Territory OK, maybe where the rail road was being built.

I know that the town of Redland is no longer for a tornado went through back in the 60-1970 and cleared out the town, but hoping that someone lives in this area again to know where there is a cemetery there that might have a grave of my grandmother Polly Stephens or Polly Richie.

She is the daughter of Martillus T Stephens of Red River valley Van Buren, Arkansas she was born about 1869 her husband was I.E. Richie or Isaac Edward Richie of AR whom his father was I have no idea but would like to know. Martillus T Stephens was born in Ark but his father was born in PA; M T Stephens married a woman named Margaret but don't know her maiden name and they have children, Eliza J, Malinda L, Joseph M, Polly A, Robert W, George, Jasper N, Bessie was born around 1880 at this time still in Van Buren county and family owned about 1000 acres of land what happened to them don't know and don't know where their lineage went too either, but sure would like to find cousins.

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