Edillilie, South Australia
County/Riding Hundred of Mortlock
Region/Metropolitan area District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula
State/Province South Australia
Nation Australia
Year founded 1908
Population (est. or census 200x)


Edillilie is a small township approximately 40 kilometres north-west of Port Lincoln in South Australia. It is a small farming community.

Edillilie was officially named on 18th June 1908 by the South Australian Government, although residents had lived in the area for some time earlier. The name 'Edillilie' means 'two springs close together' in an Aboriginal dialect.

Notable inhabitantsEdit

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  • Reflections of Edillilie; a place to call home, compiled by A.L. Domagalski, 1990
  • South Australia; What's in a Name?, by Rodney Cockburn, 1990

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