Edward Callaway (1711-1769) was born in Somerset County, Maryland, son of John Callaway (c1685-1770) and Mary Gould (1689-1768), daughter of Edward and Frances Gould of "Beverly", Somerset Co. He died in 1769 in Onslow County, North Carolina.


Callaway married, likely in Stepheny Parish, Somerset Co., Elizabeth (b. 1714-1723 Somerset Co. - Aft. November 1784 Anson or Rowan County, North Carolina or Wilkes County, Georgia) with whom he raised a family of six children:

1. Job Callaway (c1741-1804) married Mary (possibly) Carter (c1739-?).

2. John Callaway (1746-1821) married Bethany Arnold (1749-1844).

3. Isaac Callaway (c1750-c1819) married Elizabeth Arnold (c1760-1834).

4. Joseph Callaway (1754-1821) married Sabrina Mary Morgan (1754-1801).

5. Joshua Callaway (1757-1816) married Isabella Graves Henderson (1763-1826).

6. Elizabeth Callaway (c1758-?).


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