Edward Furlong? Cornelius
Sex: Male
Birth: 1820 or 1821
Baptism: 21st May 1820?
Father: Robert Cornelius?
Mother: Thomazin?
Spouse/Partner: Emma

Edward Cornelius was born in 1820 or 1821 in Dawlish, Devon. A baptismal record for an Edward Furlong Cornelius, son of Robert and Thomazin Cornelius was recorded on 21st May 1820[1]. This may well be the same Edward but this needs to be confirmed. If so, Edward had ten younger brothers and sisters: Fanny, John, William, Samuel, Robert, Martha, Mark, Daniel, Henry and Harriet, who all lived at Park Lane, Dawlish[2].

In 1841, Edward was living at Manor Row, Dawlish. This seems to have been a shared residence as another five individuals lived there at the time (Mary Cocks and her daughter, Harriott, Henry Bostin and (presumably) his mother, Eleanor and James Porter.)[3].

Edward married Emma (born c. 1818 in Bampton, Devon.) They had five sons: Charles (born c.1846), Robert (c.1850), William (c.1852), James (c.1854) and Albert (c. 1859). They were all born in Dawlish. (Charles is listed on the 1851 census, but not on the 1861 census, so between these two years he either died or left home. Since there are no later census records of him, the former is more likely, unless he left Britain.)

In 1851 Edward and Emma, along with Charles and Robert, were living at Victory Place in Dawlish.[4] In 1861, the Cornelius family was living at Park Hill in Dawlish. Edward was working as a boot shoemaker.


Name Birth Death
Children of Edward and Emma Cornelius

Charles c.1846

Robert c.1850

William c.1852

James c.1855

Albert c.1859


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