Edward Mansell (c1605-1644)

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Sources and notes

‡ General
  • Educated at Emmanual College, Cambridge [1623-1630] and Brasemose College, Oxford [1642], Edward Mansell (c1605-1644) Doctor of Divinity, was Chaplain to King Charles 1 and a Royalist.

Edward became Vicar of Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, where he met Charles, the King having lodged at nearby Stoneleigh Abbey. MANSELL [Slate Mill] & [35 Hentlowes Farm] 155 166 215 221 234 439 605 606 643 Edward 142 Moses 605 Nehemiah 142 197 288 605 700 Robert 29 30 142 255 272 274

Ω Birth
¶ Death
  • Edward died during the Seige of Oxford, English Civil War 1644, having been captured whilst taking a walk. He died in Parliamentary custody at Abingdon.



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