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Four or more generations of descendants of Edward Raleigh (c1472-1508) if they are properly linked:
1. Edward Raleigh (c1472-1508)

2. Thomas Raleigh (c1494)
2. Margaret Raleigh (c1496)
2. Mary Raleigh (c1498-1523)
2. George Raleigh (c1500-bef1546)
2. Edward Raleigh (c1502-)
2. Leonard Raleigh (c1504-)
2. Anthony Raleigh (c1508-)
2. Bridget Raleigh (1506-?)
3. Erasmus Cope (c1526-)
3. George Cope (c1528-)
3. Elizabeth Cope (c1529-1584)
4. Anthony Dryden (c1551-c1580)
4. Erasmus Dryden, 1st Baronet Dryden of Canons-Ashby (1553-1632)
5. John Dryden, 2nd Baronet Dryden of Canons-Ashby (c1580-1658) (more)
5. Erasmus Dryden (1588-1654) (more)
5. William Dryden (1592-1660) (more)
5. Elizabeth Dryden (c1597-aft1658) (more)
5. Mary Dryden (c1590-) (more)
5. Susanna Dryden (c1596-) (more)
5. Dorothy Dryden (c1605-) (more)
4. Mary Dryden (c1555-1617)
4. Edward Dryden (c1556-)
4. George Dryden (c1557-1591)
4. John Dryden (c1559-)
4. Elizabeth Dryden (c1561-)
4. Bridget Dryden (c1562-1645)
5. John Marbury (c1589-?) (more)
5. Anne Marbury (1591-1643) (more)
5. Bridget Marbury (c1593-1598) (more)
5. Francis Marbury (c1594-?) (more)
5. Emme Marbury (c1595-?) (more)
5. Erasmus Marbury (c1596-?) (more)
5. Anthony Marbury (c1598-c1601) (more)
5. Bridget Marbury (c1599-?) (more)
5. Jerimuth Marbury (c1601-?) (more)
5. Daniel Marbury (c1602-?) (more)
5. Elizabeth Marbury (c1604-c1613) (more)
5. Catharine Marbury (1610-1687) (more)
4. Thomas Dryden (c1563-aft1620)
4. Stephen Dryden (c1567-aft1591)
4. Emma Dryden (1569-1602)
5. Bridget Burie (1602-1688) (more)
5. Elizabeth Burie (1607-1680) (more)
4. Nicholas Dryden (c1571-1608)
5. Elizabeth Dryden (?-?) (more)
3. Anthony Cope (c1531-)
3. Joan Cope (c1535-)

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