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Title (Name for event): Riggs-Wise marriage
tags: ystr, dna
Husband/ spouse1: Edward Riggs (1589)
Wife/ spouse2: Elizabeth Wise (c1600)
Wedding: Edward Riggs (1589)/wedding Riggs-Wise
Marriage date approximation "circa" is not in the list of possible values (c, bef, aft) for this property.
Marriage date year 1636
Marriage date calendar Gregorian
Marriage (for wedding, see wedding) Roxbury
Marriage county (parish, etc.) Suffolk
Marriage State (province, etc.) Massachusetts
Marriage Country United States
foo, Familysearch,1360208323,
The page holding this data Edward Riggs (1589)/Riggs-Wise
Facts about "Edward Riggs (1589)/Riggs-Wise"RDF feed
CountryUnited States +
CountySuffolk +
Date-calendarGregorian +
Date-y1636 +
HusbandEdward Riggs (1589) +
LocalityRoxbury +
PagenameEdward Riggs (1589)/Riggs-Wise +
Sourcesfoo, Familysearch,1360208323,
StateMassachusetts +
Tagsystr and dna
TitleRiggs-Wise marriage +
WeddingEdward Riggs (1589)/wedding Riggs-Wise +
WifeElizabeth Wise (c1600) +

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