Born: January 7, 1847

Died: 19??

Elbridge Waite was born on January 7, 1847 in Whatley, Franklin, Massachusetts to John and Harriet Waite. Elbridge married Emma Olive Crouch on January 1, 1868 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Elbridge worked for years as a carpenter, and regularly advertised his services in the Hartford City Directory, including the 1884, 1904, 1906 and 1916 editions.

Family Edit


 Emma Crouch (1848-)


 Herbert H. Waite (1868-1931)
 Robert Elbridge Waite (1872-19??)


 Wallace Waite (1902-1971)
 Alice Boyd (Waite) (1903-1990)
 Francis R. Waite (1908-1974)
 Constance Osterkamp (Waite) (1909-1983)
 Herbert A. Waite (1910-1999)
 Alice Waite (c.1910-????)
 Edward Charles Waite (1913-1984)
 Madelaine Waite (c.1915-????)


 Alice Mary Floyd (Boyd) (1931-2003)
 Karen Moradian (Waite) (b. 1933)
 Susan McConnell (Osterkamp) (b. 1935)
 Betty Brainerd (Waite) (b. 1938)
 Waite Osterkamp (b. 1939)
 - Many Others -