Elda Laura Martin, the second child of Fred Martin and the former Susan Rauser, was born in Illinois on May 27, 1885.

Between about 1904 and 1918, Elda worked as a clerk for Simmons Hardware Company. She then took a similar position with the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Company, and, in the early 1920s, with St. Louis News Company, a publisher of books and postcards. She continued to live with her parents at 2320 Madison Street, 2109 Madison Street, and 4349 College Avenue until Fred died in 1912. Susan and Elda then continued to live together at 4349 College Avenue into the 1920s, before both moved in for a time with Elda's sister Julia and her family at 2115A E. Fair Avenue.

By 1939, Elda was working as a bookkeeper for Bodine Pattern Company, which manufactured patterns and metal castings for cars, and was living at 4309 N. Newstead Avenue. She later lived at 4039 Fair Avenue. She never married.

Elda died on January 22, 1958 of congestive heart failure, pneumonia and blood poisoning, following a 12-day stay at St. Louis City Hospital. She was buried on January 25 at Valhalla Cemetery, 7600 Saint Charles Rock Road, St. Louis.

Family Edit


 Fred Martin (1860-1912)
 Susan Martin (Rauser) (1857-1943)


 Julia Lippelmann (Martin) (1881-1961)


 Joseph Martin (1829-1894)
 Elise Martin (Mueller) (c.1828-1906)
 Mr. Rauser (18??-1???)
 Mrs. Rauser (18??-1???)

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