Eldert Lucaszen (1651-1722)
Eldert Lucaszen
Birth: 1651 in New York
Death: 1722
Father: Lucas Eldertszen (bef1636-?)
Mother: Annetje Jans Snedeker (bef1636-?)
(surname not 100% certain)
Spouse/Partner: Styntje Hendrickson (1657-1733)
Marriage: around 1676 in New York
Children: Lucas Eldert (1677-1756)
Johannes Eldert (1681-?)
Hendrick Eldert (c1691-1768)
Rachel Eldert (bef1700-?)
Annetje Eldert (bef1700-?)
Egbertje Eldert (bef1694-?)
Hendrickje Eldert (bef1712-bef1712)

Eldert Lucaszen (1651-1722) was the progenator of the Eldert family of New Netherlands.



While many genealogies list Eldert's surname as Van Vorhees, it is very unlikely that Eldert was part of the Van Vorhees family.


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